What supplements do I need to add to a home cooked dog food recipe?

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    I have a 6 lb chihuahua/min pin mix and she has allergy issues when eating regular kibble. She also has a delicate gut in general. I want to start feeding her a completely homemade diet, because I feel she’d be a lot healthier.

    I’m pretty clueless about homemade dog diets, especially when it comes to adding all the needed supplements. I’ve been researching online, but it seems pretty complicated and I don’t want to do anything wrong.

    What supplements do I need to buy for her exactly? Also, if anyone has any good homemade recipes to at least help get me started… That’d be awesome.

    Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

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    So are you trying to do a raw diet or a home cooked diet?
    For raw you follow a simple plan 80% muscle meat (muscle meat, heart), 10% bones(you want no weight bearing bones, chicken wings or legs are good options. Same with other types of birds. For red meat animals it’s typically ribs, tails) then 5% liver, and 5% excretory organs (kidneys, lungs, skin). Some stick to this other add other things like fruits and veggies high in vitamins (blue berries, kale, turmeric, etc). I’ve also seen bone broth used and raw goats milk.

    As far as cooked diets with no bones. Those can be more complicated. Many on this site will suggest balance it, a website where you can buy supplements and recipes for cooked diets.

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    Thanks! 🙂

    I guess it depends… Which of the two would be a cheaper way to go, raw or cooked? Also, which would be easier on a delicate gut?

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    Join this facebook group
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support”
    Heaps of help for raw feeding, a few people in this group feed “Answers” Fermentable Raw & Answers Goats milk to dogs https://www.answerspetfood.com/

    You write
    “raw or cooked? which would be easier on a delicate gut?”

    its raw, a raw diet is easier to digest then cooked diet… Raw meat has enzymes that helps dog digest the raw food, raw vegetables & fruit also have enzymes but a dogs pancreas does not secrete cellulase, so you will need to blend your fruit & vegetables, make sure you peel, de-seed apples etc, remove all seeds, cut up peeled fruit & veggies & put thru a blender & blend into a pulp, or stop blending veggies just before the vegetables/fruit becomes a liquid pulp, then I use to put the blended broccoli, celery, apple, kale & parsley in ice cube tray, add 1 spoon of your blended veggies & fruit into ice cube tray, I cover with cling wrap & freeze then I take out the frozen veggies & fruit & put in those re-sealable clip lock snack/sandwich bags…
    I buy Bone Broth from Pet Shop & I freeze in ice trays & I take out 1-2 frozen ice cube bone broth cube & let it thaw then I mix with Patches Dehydrated Raw or today Patch just drank his bone broth he loves it…
    A raw diet is so much easier to make & prepare then Cooking meals, cooking is more work, I was freezing 1 cup portions of raw Kangaroo mince & 1/2 a cup of cut up chicken breast in those separate in re-sealable snack bags, & the green veggies & fruit in ice cube trays, cut in 1/2 chicken wings, etc, then I was taking out what I needed the day before, put in fridge to thaw for the next day…
    Chicken bone is the softest & easiest bone to digest…
    Fresh & Easy & not that expensive.. All Meals dont need to all be balanced “as long” as diet is balanced over the week…
    You can balance diet naturally or use supplements like “Balance It” https://secure.balanceit.com/index.php

    Join a few raw feeding groups….

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