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    Robert J

    I don’t understand code but I’m trying, just became a paying member, but there is no section on large breed dry dog food. I have a 18 month old German Sheppard dog he weighs about 85 lbs , my vet said I can start switching him from puppy food to adult dog food, although I made some personal bad in my life, I want to make his diet to be the best choice I can make so he can be with us for a good healty long time. So anybody who knows about GSD breeds have any recommendations for the best large breed dry dog food for him. Whould be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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    Hopefully someone who has large breed dogs will chime in because I don’t think there are any special needs for an 18 month old dog; I think you can feed any high quality dog food.

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    For an 18 month old I wouldn’t worry about having to feed him a specific large breed dog food. When he was a puppy feeding a food specified for large breed puppies would have been best but don’t panic if you didn’t. It’s just due to the fact that large breed dogs supposedly have slightly different nutritional requirements in their early growth stages. Now you can feed just about whatever you’d like.

    Orijen is top of the line but extremely expensive, especially when you’re feeding 4 cups a day like I do for my big guy so I just can’t swing that type of price for a 26-28lb bag.

    You mentioned you were a member of the Editors Choice here. There are loads of brands to look into there and they even have a Budget Friendly list. For my 100lb Ambull I feed Dr. Tims, Victor, and Wellness Core so far. I buy their biggest bag which is usually anywhere from 26-30lbs and change to the next protein source within that brand or change brands completely after each bag. I also top the kibble with some canned food every so often (when budget allows) and do fish oil on the kibble as well.

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    Hi Robert-

    While there might not be specific nutritional requirements for an 18 month old GSD, many choose to use a food geared toward large breed adults because they tend to be formulated with lower fat and often times larger pieces of kibble. I personally do use large breed adult formulas for my pitbull and lab for those reasons. When my lab eats a small kibble it falls out of his mouth and makes a mess.

    18 months is the correct age to transition him to an adult food, so your vet is correct. Dr. Tim’s, Victor, Fromm or NutriSource would be my suggestion.

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