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    Jodi O

    i just joined this website as our family will have a lab puppy in a little over a week. As I narrow down a good puppy food, it got me wondering about quality dog treats. Am I better using a piece of dog food as a treat than bones? I’m sure my lab won’t care! Mike- I wondered what your opinion is. I want to be careful to watch the weight with treats but wonder if there’s no reason to use them if the nutritional value is inferior?
    Thanks Jodi

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    Jane E

    The treat I give around here and have for many years now are Fruitables (crunchy ones) because they are low fat and a great size…they seem to address all the needs (older dogs with pancreatitis,younger dogs you are training and you don’t went to increase calories and last but not least can be carried in your pocket without making it greasy)…just all around great IMO…they aren’t cheap but I ONLY give them when a certain behavior is accomplished…around here they are always given one when they go in the crate …no treats just because so they aren’t used freely…As I was potty training dogs I used these smaller pelletized treats from BilJac and they are the perfect size and they just gobble them up and really don’t have to chew because they are softer…I’d probably use those again if I were to be potty training a dog….then they would only be used for that…the moment a dog *goes* outside I click to mark the behavior and give a treat and celebrate by clapping my hands and doing some sort of celebration jig!!! Have fun with the new pup

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    Hi Jodi-

    Treats are just that, a treat. They are meant to be a high value reward for training, not part of their daily diet IMO. That is why they should only make up 10% or less of your dogs daily caloric intake so as to not imbalance their already balanced diet. If you are asking about treats for the purpose of training, the higher value the better.

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    Not answering your treat question but wanted to say that you should read the Diet & Health issues forum and look at the stickie for feeding large breed puppies.

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