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    I’m about to get a 2nd Vizsla here, my first one was grown on a low quality food, full of grain, rice, meal etc etc… stools were really really really softs if not liquid… but that’s what my breeder uses so I let her on that.
    I use Acana Pacifica right now for my Vizsla and wow … she’s athletic, hard dry stools once a day, eat 2cup a day .. I think it’s a really good dog food for that kind of dog.

    I wanted to know if the Orijen puppy was suitable for this king of puppy, with all I’ve read on calcium, protein level etc… !

    Need advice please !

    Thanks !

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    Acana Puppy&Junior too is in my potential next puppy food to buy … please give me advice !

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    I don’t know what a Vizsla is but if it’s a large or giant breed, you might want to check out the “Large and Giant Breed Puppy Nutrition” thread. It has the list of foods for the large breed puppies.

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    I met a Viszla pup over the weekend! Sandy, I believe they’re a Hungarian hunting dog.

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    The Viszla is not a large dog, is considered medium at approx. 50 lbs. Kind of looks like a Weimaraner only a reddish color and smaller.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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