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    Andrew S

    Which of these four matters the most to you when selecting dog food for your furry ones? Are you loyal to one brand? Several within the same “class”? Will you venture outside your normal brands if a good food is on sale? Are you a stickler for only feeding what is perceived to be the very best? Are you value conscious but need the food to be “good enough”? Is a food’s reputation a determining factor?

    Just curious to know what goes through your mind when shopping for dog food.

    So….I’ve got a 12 year old mixed breed Senior rescue pup in great shape and a 6 month old Pom-Chi. Both aren’t picky eaters (at all) and are currently on an ALS food from Canidae, although I’ve alternated Wysong, Wellness (Core), and Whole Earth Farms in a “rotation” of sorts. I supplement on (the rare) days that I’m out with Grilled chicken, rice and some appropriate green veggie…..They appear to be in fantastic shape and subsequent vet visits have confirmed this)

    I’m a firm believer in spend a little more today for the right food for a lot of savings later in vet bills. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way (genetics are what they are) but it’s a pretty sound principle.

    Also, what’s your delivery method? Are you going to Costco/Petco/PetSmart etc….or do you go through Amazon, Chewy, Pet Food Direct and the like?

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