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    Hav mom

    Our rescued hav of now 6 years old is a wonderful, healthy dog. However, all he has had to eat for four years is the “superior” food The Honest Kitchen. no chicken, but varying the other flavors. He was 16# when we rescued him and the vet figured 2 years old. He is now
    20# and 6 years old.He likes THK food, although lately he has been leaving a small portion
    of it. The vet originally told us to feed him 2X per day, so that is what we do, following the
    instructions of the daily amount for his weight. Not much, total of 1/2cup dehydrated food
    per day..1/4 in am 1/4 in pm with added water for rehydration. He gets his treats,but sparingly. His poop is normal. My thoughts are to change his food..thinking of the Zignature Zssentials canned or maybe kibble ( no chicken it makes him itch) and also under consideration is the Answer Pet Food. I just wonder if changing the food to a different brand may be more filling for him. Someone told me giving a dog the same food for years is not good. Is that true? My vet never said any thing about it. I would like to see if he doesn’t seem like he is hungry after a different food. He is always looking for something to eat, or is that just being a dog? Is there anyone on the forum that can give me an idea if I am on the wrong track ? appreciate any input before I made a decision to change his food. Thanks

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    Zignature Zssentials has a few proteins in it & there’s Zignature limited ingredient formulas. #1 kibble for those sensitive to a lot of added ingredients in most foods. Their canned food is not good, try Lotus or Weruva. Full tummied dogs do not look or act hungry, ever. My pups’ thrive on Zignature but their meals vary in amount depending on activity of the day (lots of lounging or hard swimming or running). I add chopped broccoli on top for extra fiber and it smells very “green” (they love grass). It’ll take you a few weeks to figure out how much makes him full without gaining unwanted weight vs activity. But the first few days let him indulge to eat more. Charts and vet advice have nothing to do with your dog’s specific needs. It’s no fun being hungry all the time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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