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    Nancy C

    I’ve read discussions from a year ago on Pre-Mixes. Would like to hear some recommendations based on experience before I order. Thank you!

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    Nancy C

    Any experiences with Dr. Harvey’s Veg-To- Bowl ? How about See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix?, Urban Wolf? Needing a good starting point. Thank you.

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    All 3 of those are good and are used by most of the regulars here. I myself, currently am using See Spot Live Longer and the Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl, although with that one, I am using the fine ground veg-to-bowl. I like them both alot. I always worried that I wasn’t giving my dog everything she needs with her raw meals, but with the pre mixes, I don’t worry.

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    I also use Dr Harvey’s Veg to Bowl fine ground and never see any veg in any of my dogs’ stools. With the course ground, I think HDM was finding they pooped veggies.

    See Spot Live Longer is my favorite, but it has an ingredient that we are eliminating for Micah.

    I believe Urban Wolf is very high on HDM’s list. I haven’t tried it yet.

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    Can’t use the Dr Harvey’s or Urban Wolf mixes due to the Sweet Potato. Currently rotating Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance (which Harry LOVES). Will be ordering the See Spot Live Longer soon (Harry does well on it but doesn’t dive in as with the GL).

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    So far I’ve only used CarnivoreRaw from Young Again Pet Food. It’s a powder so there’s no chunks at all. They have a product with calcium and without (for people who grind meat with bones like me).

    I’ve used regular Grandma Lucy’s, not the premix, and preferred the texture of it compared to Honest Kitchen.

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    The CarnivoreRaw is something I keep wanting to look into for mixing with bone in grinds, but I keep forgetting (DOH!). Harry gets all sorts of excited when I give him the GL Goat recipe. Honest Kitchen brings back the all too common sweet potato problem 🙁

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    I am using See Spot Live Longer and Urban Wolf right now. I like both and will continue to use both. My Dane gets bored quickly with food flavors so I have to rotate a lot. The Honest Kitchen Preference has too much sweet potato in it for him, he gets yeasty from it. He didn’t like the Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance at all, guessing it’s the chickpeas.

    Edit: Sandy, the Carnivore Raw looks like a good option for me. I like that they make a version you can add when grinding bone. It looks like it will go a long way too. 1 jar makes 40lbs worth of raw with bone. Thanks for sharing about Carnivore Raw. I will definitely be looking into it more.

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    Paula D

    Just started using Just Food for Dogs…it requires a little more “cooking” than some of the others (steaming veggies), but my girls really like it. They rejected HOnest Kitchen after meal 2, but like the Grandma Lucy’s and the “see spot.”

    Good luck.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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