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    Kevin P

    I have a papillon with a chicken allergy. Researched many foods. TOTW got excellent reviews from not only DFA, but almost every review elsewhere gave it high marks. However, consumer reviews are almost all negative. Anyone ever tried this and would you recommend it

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    Zignature has no chicken, check chewy dot com for more info and reviews. My small breeds are thriving on the whitefish formula as a base. Best kibble I have found so far.

    I have never used TOTW, I am not interested in trying it, not now anyway.

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    Consumer reviews is a silly sight. Most reviews are paid for. However I have heard totw is having some issues with their food. If you scroll down to the comment section here on dfa on the totw page you’ll see many ppl complaining. But it’s up to you if you try it. There are better foods. I like merrick, natures variety, and wellness core. I think those are some of the best foods. Orijen and Acana are probably some of the best as well I just don’t have as much experience with them as the others. There’s tons of options on chewy if that’s here you’re buying. If you have any questions about any other brands I’m sure someone will be willing to answer them.

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    I haven’t fed a kibble made by Diamond Pet Foods in several years (though I did feed TOTW fish recipe In the past) and TOTW is launching an LID line this fall. There are several brands that have chicken free recipes. Search for “No chicken ” or ” chicken free ” in the search box at the top of the page. Some brands are Earthborn Venture, Canidae Pure, Instinct LID, Under the Sun and Whole Earth Farms.

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    Hi Kevin,
    I’ve been feeding “Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain, Roasted Lamb now 2 yrs with great results, my boy has IBD, Skin Allergies & Food Intolerances to chicken & other ingreients, I’ve tried all the Vet Diets & other foods on the market for 2 long years & finally TOTW was the only food that helped Patches IBD (Sloppy Poos) + his Skin allergies (itchy, smelly paws & skin from food sensitivities chicken), even on facebook groups where dogs are sick Diamond kibbles seem to work the best for these dogs, maybe Diamond as been around longer & understands a dogs needs especially when they are suffering with food sensititivies, diarrhea, itchy skin etc, I don’t know but I read alot of really good results on these F/B groups….. “4Health” is another really good food made by Diamond where I’m reading very good results especially 4Health Special Care range Senstive Stomach Egg & Potatoes has no Chicken…also I’ve had really good results with “Canidae” Pure Formula’s.
    https://www.canidae.com/dog-food/products scroll down a bit look to your right & click on “View All” & pages 3 onwards have the start of the Canidae Pure range, grain free limited Ingredients kibbles, have to read each formula as they all vary.

    It will all depend on your dog but alot of these really high meat protein & higher fat kibbles which have alot of different meat/organ proteins & ingredients are not agreeing with dogs who have allergies & food intolerances, some of these dogs can’t seems to handle too many different ingredients all at once I have found, so stick with kibbles that don’t have too many different ingredients but have really good ingredients, TOTW Sierra Mountain just has Lamb as the only meat protein, the only other thing I need to warn if you don’t already know is STAY away from fish kibbles as some of these American fish kibbles are 10 times higher in Toxins & Contaminates, if you want to add fish to your dogs diet buy human grade fish that you would eat like tin sardines in spring water, tin salmon in spring water, Freeze Dried Green Lipped Mussels are excellent to give as daily treats, don’t feed a kibble that’s has fish in it, these pet food companies wouldn’t be sourcing premium cuts of salmon or whitefish etc they would be buying the cheapest off cuts of fish they can find to use for pet foods & it’s sad, laws need to change so this stops happening & pet food compaines need to start testing all their pet foods & make sure they pass & aren’t 10 times higher in toxins & contaminates & a stamp then needs to be put on the front of the kibble & wet tin foods saying this food has been tested, it will happen 1 day but probably not in our life time ….
    another thing once you do pick a kibble pick 2 different brands you’re happy with slowly introduce 1 of them & then start rotating between 2 different brands so your dog doesn’t start reacting to another ingredient in his/her food & he’s not eating the same ingredients 24/7 he has a few different ingredients in his diet, it doesnt have to be too many ingredients as long as he’s not just eating 1 meat protein & say Lentils & Chickpeas in his diet 24/7 for teh rest of his/her life….

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