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    Liz S

    Currently using PoochPads from Petco. We are wanting a different brand. An alternative. Some people suggest human bed pads. I’m not sure what to buy or where. I have 3 dogs that use these and we’re in dire need for new ones. Ours are about 34×34″ – don’t want anything much smaller if at all. The lady I was about to purchase whelping pads from fell into hard times and we lost touch. We need 7-10 new pads. ANY help/advice/ideas/recommendations (brands, sites etc) are incredibly welcome. I am desperate over here.

    Thanks for reading!
    – Liz

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    Daniel K

    Hi Liz,

    We bought a bunch of reusable, washable pee pads on and on eBay. Just search on washable bed pads in the Medical Supplies categories and you’ll find many options. They aren’t hard to find. You can even buy used ones, but the news ones are not that expensive and they last a long time and many washes with bleach with no problems.

    Here’s one example from Amazon:×36-Pack/dp/B000FED594/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451099753&sr=8-1&keywords=washable+bed+pads

    And here’s another example from eBay:

    and another very large size:×52-HOSPITAL-MEDICAL-INCONTINENCE-WASHABLE-/251767224798?hash=item3a9e7ef9de:g:TSkAAOSwQJ5USkO9

    I’m not suggesting you buy these specific ones necessarily, but they are examples of what’s readily available and it should help you find the right categories. Also, look for someone that’s selling a lot of more than one at a time and you’ll get a better deal.

    Good luck!!

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    Liz S

    Thank you Daniel!
    You gave me many things to look through. The links are very helpful. Checking them out now.

    Kind regards

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    Crow M

    I have a mix of Sofnit and Dry Defender pads. I have no complaints about the Sofnits, but I prefer the Dry Defenders. The tops are a bit softer and they are made in the USA.
    I know the Sofnits are available through Amazon; the Dry Defenders are at Amazon also, or you could buy directly from their site:

    Another place to look for pads is at any drug store that sells/rents wheelchairs, crutches, and so on. Years ago that’s where we bought pads for when my father was bedridden.

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    Daniel K

    You’re welcome! And thank you, Crow. I don’t think you’ll have trouble at all finding pads you like of the right size and for a decent price if you look around. I think the ones I bought are Invacare brand? And another two brands I can’t remember. Some might be more absorbent than others, but all seem to be absorbent enough. I just love being able to toss pick up any poop, toss the soiled pads in the washer on a heavy duty cycle with detergent and bleach, and they come out like new. I think they use materials that resist stains and odors. Just don’t use fabric softener because it can make them less absorbent!

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