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    I have a 5 pound, 9 month old puppy. I am looking for a recommendation for a moist food. I don’t want dry and I don’t want wet canned…..I want moist and there really isn’t a category for that. I want small pieces. I mainly want to use for training but because I am training the come command, I will be giving her a lot and don’t want to over feed. Any recommendations? Amazon and I are very good friends!

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    Moist but not canned? Pre made raw comes to mind, possibly some of the freeze dried foods such as Vital Essentials. I’d say dehydrated but that’s definitely more wet.

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    Semi moist foods have all kinds of nasty things in them, so I don’t think you’ll find any that are recommended here.

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    It sounds like you are looking for training treats and not a good meal for your pup.
    As small dogs are prone to pancreatitis you need to pick something small and lower in fat. If you try to train your pup with his food, I don’t think it will go well, and you are sending mixed messages; Training treats should be special–that’s why they are called treats!

    My 7 lb chihuahua will do tricks for frozen banana slices and frozen green beans. She will also do them for pieces of chicken and salmon, so, we mix it up to keep her healthy. If you want to keep it portable Honest Kitchen Peck’s are good. They have a new one called quickies which looks great, but we haven’t tried it yet. Both are low calorie.

    As for moist food, Patty is right. The stopped making ‘Gains Burgers’ for a reason.

    Good luck!

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