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    Kim L


    I have posted on other topics before, so forgive me if this background is a repeat for anyone. I have a rescued Shih Tzu that has developed allergies in the past year or so. The vet says they aren’t super serious as they only really cause red skin/crust under one armpit, but I know they are yeast-related so I have decided to start on Nusentia Probiotic AND Enzyme Miracle.

    My question is that since his skin is already infected, I am clearly going to use these at the higher doseage suggested and not just a maintenance dose. I know any results could take weeks to see. In the meantime, I have also read that plain Kefir and coconut oil are great Probiotics as well. Would it be ok to also give him one or both of these in smaller doses? I certainly do not want to overdose him, but from what I have read, “overdosing,” per say, is not super likely.

    Anyway, I would just love some suggestions/ideas/other things I can use to help my poor guy feel better. I already bathe him in the Malaseb shampoo and have Zymox drops for his infrequent ear infections. I try ACV in his water when I can, but he realllllllllly hates it so it isn’t a real option for me.


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    How many different strains are in the probiotic that you are using? Look for one that has at least 10 different strains, the more, the better. If you are using a good probiotic, I would rotate in Kefir, not use them at the same time.

    Coconut oil is not a probiotic, but it does have antifungal properties, so yes, start using it, 1 teaspoon per 20# of body weight. You can also rub the coconut oil into those infected areas.

    Try adding ACV to water that is mixed into his food, 1/2 teaspoon per cup of food.

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    Kim L

    Thank you…this was really helpful. I am currently only using Probiotic Miracle from Nusentia, and it only seems to have 6 strains in it:

    “Made in the USA
    Recommended by veterinarians
    2 Billion CFU per serving
    6 canine-researched bacteria strains and species
    No Animal Products
    No Fillers / Flavors
    Non GMO
    Gluten Free
    Wheat Free
    Dairy Free”

    Apparently by adding the Enzyme Miracle product, it has really good yeast fighting ability though. I will start using these two together and add in Kefir occasionally and try your ACV and coconut oil ideas. Thank you so much!

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    Ron M

    This article has some age on it but found it interesting as I was not aware of the possible
    effects of probiotics.
    Maybe this is old science by now but I also read a different article stating close to the same.
    Full article:

    Snip from article.
    “Over the past several years, and most recently with increasing frequency, I have found urinary tract infections in cats and dogs with a particular strain of Enterococcus bacteria. Independently, I have come to scrutinize the ingredients of a myriad of boutique pet foods and have found a connection. Pets with Enterococcal urinary tract infection are eating these boutique foods that contain the bacteria”

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