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    cindy q

    I have a very picky standard poodle that is 10 mos old. I have tried numerous food that she would eat for a few days and then not eat and some she wouldn’t eat at all. All quality food like Orijen, Honest Kitchen (this one she wouldn’t eat at all) Now Fresh. I started feeding Primal freeze dried and she loves it! It is expensive, what can I add in to cut the cost?

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    You could offer a variety of foods but might want to buy the medium sized bags so they are used up in a good amount of time. Offer the foods she has liked for a couple of meals in between the Primal or sprinkle the Primal on top of the other foods. Instinct has freeze dried powder (Raw Boost product) that is conveniently already in sprinkle form in a canister. I like to finish an open bag of kibble by two months. I’ve actually never kept track of it, but I have several fosters and use about 10 cups of kibble per day and large bags have around 100-120 cups and I’ll have 2 or 3 different foods open at once.

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    Danielle O

    I have an extremely fussy cavalier, who wouldn’t eat anything I put in front of her and who also has digestive (loose stool) issues. We’ve been using Primal Freeze-Dried for about a year now, specifically the duck and turkey/sardine blend. I crumble two blocks, then add a small handful of Now Fresh Grain Free Small Breed kibble, which is also turkey, duck and salmon based. To help with the digestive issue, I add a sprinkle of Diggin’ Your Dog’s Firm Up! Pumpkin, which is a dehydrated granular form of pumpkin and apple fiber. If I can find Diggin’s Pumpkin Cranberry blend, I rotate that in as an additive. If her stools are super loose I also crumble up a couple Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Sweet Potatoes. She really seems to like these. I then hydrate the mix by adding a few handfuls of warm to hot water, mix and serve. She seems to love this homemade blend the best, and I don’t use as much Primal product in a day that I would without the mix. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    cindy q

    Thanks Danielle!

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    Jaishree N

    Danielle, your suggestions were very helpful as I have been trying to get a grip on my dogs GI issues and keeping the freeze dried cost down. Thanks a lot for sharing and I will look for the products as I had not heard of them before.

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