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    Hello guys,
    My beloved pet died last week ,I am deadly missing her ,Just wondering to know a good artist that can draw a portrait from photos of my cat.Please recommend me asap.Thanks.

    Hand painted portraits from photos

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    Hi…my daughter is an artist. She is a professional photographer by trade and also does fine art. Her pet portraits are different than others because she does them in Salt! She dyes the salt with food coloring and then makes her portraits (like painting with salt). She uses a photo to go by. Please go to her website…www.kellymccollamphotography.com, then look at the bottom and go to fine art, then go to the salty dogs section listed at the top. The 2 Cavaliers are 2 of my dogs. She commissions the portraits. She can do them any size you want (the final product is a framed print…and she can give you the salt she used in making the portrait, if you like), but the most common size that people buy is an 8×10 framed that costs 90.00. Shipping would be around 5.00 extra for this size. She doesn’t have pic. of a cat on her site, but she has done a pic of my cat….I have it on my wall at home, so she has done cats as well.

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    Hi Jerlin!

    I too am a pet portrait artist and would love to see the photos of your cat. I have been doing portraits for many years and have only had absolutely glowing reviews. Feel free to view my website-in-progress http://www.risakent.com. My specialty is capturing the unique soul of your pet, so they are more than recognizable, but as if you are looking into their eyes again. I would be honored to bring your beautiful girl to life on paper for you. Contact me any time.

    [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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