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    I usually buy a few cans a month of 5 star canned dog food, mostly the caster and pollux or natures variety. However, at the end of last month I ran out early as I was giving some to a family members dog to help out. That being said I decided to scrounge up what I could around the house and make my own as a topping for his dry food instead of the canned food.

    I took a beef roast I had in the freezer cooked it with potato, carrots, green beans. I gave him a cup of it every evening as a topping for his supper. He enjoyed it so much more then any canned food I ever gave him.

    Now doing this and seen how much he enjoyed it and knowing it is better for him. I don’t know a ton on the home made foods as I’m just learning and reading here and there. I was wondering does anyone else make there own home made foods for just toppings for on dry kibble? Also doing what I did was it okay to do so or should I have added other things for the right nutrition? I mean i’m sure he’s getting the minerals and nutrition from the dry kibble as well so i’m not so sure. Thanks!

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    You might find some helpful tips here:

    PS: Be careful with the table scraps, some of the additives such as msg (probably in the gravy) and the spices, onions, garlic etc are not good for dogs, in fact, some ingredients may be toxic.

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    Hi Chris,

    If you’re just using it as a topper, as opposed to using it as his total diet, I wouldn’t worry about adding supplements. Just keep the toppers to no more than 20% of his daily caloric intake to avoid throwing off the nutritional balance of the kibble.

    I would consider some other veggies. Instead of potatoes, I might use spinach, broccoli or kale. Look for other dark green and orange veggies. It might not sound as tasty to us, but I’m sure your dog will still love it.

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    Red- Thanks, I already know about the food table for dogs as I’ve done so much research into it months ago. There’s a thread I had made that’s several pages long with going over things because my dog “spark” has a stomach hernia. Though I appreciate the reply! 🙂

    DogFoodie- Yeah I don’t give him potato all the time it was just a rare occasion. I’ve been using a site that a few people from here actually recommended a long while back.
    Great site for a list of basic foods that are great and a ton of information as well.

    I was thinking of taking that list and coming up with meals that would be served as a topping on the dry kibble. I assume it’s better then most if all can foods out there. Plus he seems to enjoy it way more. Anyways, thanks for the information 🙂

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    I was wondering also just out of curiousity and I tried searching this online but to no avail did I find a direct answer. I’m a huge outdoors man and I hunt every year and with thinking of starting his toppings being homemade, would squirrel and rabbit be okay? I haven’t really heard of anyone feeding those before. Hope someone can relate to that lol

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