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    Jon K

    today I posted what is to follow in the wrong place (budget friendly thread) so I’m now posting it here. Sorry for the confusion.

    I’m new here. Have a 2 yr old Boston who eats Vital Essentials Frozen Raw Beef. She seems to do very well on it.
    I joined this group because we just got a new Boston puppy and I wasn’t sure that the same food was ideal for a puppy.
    So because of the editors list, he’s now eating Stella’s Super Beef and seems to be doing great.
    My 2 year old tried the Stella’s before and I’m not sure why but we ended up with her eating Vital Essentials.
    So thanks for this list because I was very confused and conflicted as to what to feed the puppy and this gave me the info I needed.
    So I was surprised not to see Vital Essentials Frozen Raw on the list for adult dogs though. I’m curious as to why it is not. Any info would be appreciated.

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    Hi Jon,
    I personally would stick with Vital Essentials over Stella & Chewys and I would call VE and ask about feeding a puppy. I’d also feed more than beef.

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