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    We have a 6 month old lab mix puppy that has developed a poor appetite and weird eating habits within the last month. He was on blue buffalo lamb and oatmeal puppy food for a couple of months. One day he started getting diarrhea and was acting less energetic and wouldn’t really eat without much coaxing. So we took him to the vet and there were no issues. The vet recommended Prescription Diet food for digestive health and we tried that. He seemed to like that and we decided to slowly get him back on his old food and he would eat his old food when it was mixed with the Prescription Diet. We wanted to get off of that since the first ingredient is corn and get back to something more natural. We tried switching to the blue buffalo large breed puppy chicken and rice to see if he liked that flavor instead. But he really doesn’t have much interest in it and won’t eat it all of it. He will usually take a few kibbles and bring it to a rug and eat it there and then walk away for a bit. His stool is sometimes solid, sometimes loose and it varies how many times he goes in a day. He sometimes has gas too. He also itches his ears and paws a lot, so we are thinking he might have allergies. Does anyone have a suggestion for a dry food that is natural and in the same price range as blue buffalo? Should we get a large breed puppy food? We are considering Hollistic Select as an option.
    Thanks for the help!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi jaxsmom –

    Unfortunately many people are experiencing these same issues with Blue Buffalo. My friend’s golden retriever puppy got very sick on the Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy formula. I also don’t believe that any of the Blue Formulas are appropriate for a large breed puppy such as a lab. I’d recommend checking out the Large Breed Puppy thread – it’s under the “Diet and Health Issues Forum.” Hope that helps!

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    try holistic health extension, its has a great source of fiber to help stop the diarrhea and make his feces “hard” again. it also has prebiotics, probiotics and blue green algae in it to promote a healthy/easy digestive system on your pup

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