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    Karen J

    A lot of you have been a big help – I finally found a food she will eat (for now) Freshpet by Vital – beef and bison.

    I’ve been giving her d-monnase and vit c either in soft cheese or cottage cheese and no grain treats when we train or boiled chicken.

    It’s been about a week but twice there have been big puddles of urine, tonight by the front door when I got home. When I take her out her pee are little tiny ones usually, she has a doggie door.

    The question: Am I being over anxious and give it some time, could some of it be behavioral, or should I get a second opinion from a different vet?

    I’ve tried to not create separation anxiety, it’s not hard to leave without fanfare but almost impossible to ignore her when I get home.

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    Sorry, I’ve forgotten, but did she also have an infection, or just crystals? If she had an infection, you should see improvement pretty quickly with the antibiotics and the d-mannose. So I would be looking into that, maybe not the right antibiotic. If she didn’t have an infection, the d-mannose shouldn’t help, and it will take time to get rid of the crystals.

    Frequent urination in small amounts is normal because of the constant feeling of needing to go. I don’t know why there would be a big puddle by the door other than psychological issues. If it was while you were gone, I would assume she doesn’t want to use the doggy door when you aren’t home, for whatever reason, and is trying to hold it, but just can’t. It might help her to settle if you confine her while you are gone. Most anxious dogs do better if they have a denlike place where they feel safe when their people are gone. That’s one reason why crates are so popular among people that have lots of experience with dogs.

    Not that it matters one way or another, because you can answer questions, but it’s easier for us to remember the whole story if all of it is on one thread, instead of starting a new one each time.

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    Karen J

    Thanks for the info, I’ll be more patient. She did not have an infection or stones of any kind so no antibiotics were give according to this vet. She gave me a cranberry powder and wanted to put her on prescription dog food.

    I can’t crate her because sometimes I’m gone for too long. Super long days I take her to doggie day care. During housebreaking I tried to confine her to the kitchen but she could jump climb and squeeze through ever gate. I finally put her in the bedroom.
    About the doggie door, I’ve come home and she has been out back – through the doggie door so I don’t believe that’s an issue.

    I am going to continue the d-mannose and if in a week or two this continues I’m taking her to a different vet.

    Other than that she’s active playful and her poops are good.
    I really appreciate your input, it’s been great. Thank you for taking the time.

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    You’re welcome and good luck. I know how frustrating it is when our pups need help, but we can’t help fast enough.

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