Need to chub up my 3 LB poodle pup.

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    Marylou B

    I have a 4mo. old toy poodle which recently has become finicky. She came from breeder which had her on Purina Venison/turkey/grain. She turned her nose up to everything but the grain pellets. I switched her to Purina puppy chicken. Eats it but not with gusto. I have tried moisten it and adding fresh cooked chicken breast eats some better. My self and my groomer feel she is to thin. Can you suggest anything to feed that would entice her to eat better. She came to me with Giardia and has been completed two treatments. She seems fine. Very frisky but her weight has me bothered. last time she was weighed 2.9. Please and thank you.

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    You’re posting in the Editors Choice forum which means you paid for a membership. Choose one of the EC foods or any 4 or 5 star foods & feed a little more.

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    Hi Marylou- Do you know if there are any remaining parasites from the Giardia? She could still be feeling sick from that or the meds and not want to eat. Also, I do know that most Poodles (at least standards) tend to be on the thin side. You can usually see their hip bones etc unlike with other breeds. Have you asked the vet about her weight? I would definitely seek the opinion of a vet over a groomer (no offence). If she was weighed at the vet and her weight was not brought up she might actually be a normal weight.

    If you want her to gain a little weight, you can give her coconut oil. Dogs love the taste and it’s high in calories. You could try adding it to the food as well. Also there is nothing wrong with adding chicken breast to her kibble. However make sure it’s not overcooked. It should be boiled if anything.

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