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    Karen K

    I have a 9-year old female shih-tzu with recurring yeast infections in her ears and irritated paws that she continuously licks. She has always eaten chicken mixed with Blue Buffalo Wilderness and am now hearing horrible things about BB and that chicken can worsen allergies. I’m considering starting her on a raw diet, but need advice as to what brands are best and how to go about making the switch. Anyone had success with raw helping yeasty ears?

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    Hi Karen
    I have a dog with yeast issues. He has had no issues since going on a raw diet with no produce. I buy grinds from Hare Today & Reel Raw. Chicken is not his friend either, duck & turkey are fine. He also eats beef, venison, goat, lamb, rabbit and more

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    Check out Dr. Karen Becker’s articles on yeast. I do her povidine foot soak for itchy paws and it’s helped.

    The fresh and frozen raw are probably the healthiest and most cost effective but the bulk of my pups’ diet is a variety of freeze dried raw, with water added to rehydrate. They are Stella and Chewys, Primal, Orijen, and Stewarts Bison. Their favorites are Trudog, Only Natural Niblets and Vital Essentials…I soak these overnight.

    For a quick meal I give the air dried raw from Real Meat Food Co or Ziwi Peak and rotate between brands and proteins.

    Be prepared for a cleansing reaction, like loose stools, which could happen as you go to better foods. You may want to consider adding digestive enzymes and probioitics to help with potential digestive issues when changing…I use in most meals, it also supports the immune system and overall health.

    Also consider having Perfect Form on hand from Honest Kitchen or canned pumpkin, and give during transition for stomach issues. But first check to see if it’s ok to give to yeasty dog, not sure.

    Fish oil can help itchy skin and also good for heart, joints, brain, etc. Good brands for these supplements include Mercola Krill, Animal Essentials, Dr. Peter Tobias, Wholistic Pet Organics and Natures Farmacy.

    Good luck!

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    Karen K

    Great advice….thanks everyone!

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