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    Trevor L

    I am wondering thoughts about Merrick food. I currently feed my dogs Science Diet and was considering switching to Merrick. I have been told by several people that Merrick was bought by Purina and for that reason alone, I should not give my dogs this food. My question is do you think this is a valid point/concern?
    Currently Merrick is listed as a 5 Star.

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    Charles L
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    I’m still feeding Whole Earth Farms kibble in my dogs’ rotation without issue. I’m hoping Merrick uses Nestle Purina’s financial support to be even better than they are already.

    Of course, you need to be comfortable with your decision. Hope this helps!

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    If you never fed it, I’d just avoid it, there’s so many more budget friendly foods to choose from. Purina has killed enough dogs with their food. Even if the ingredients are listed as the same, sources and quality has to change under new financial management. Try Zignature Zssentials.

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    Lori H

    thanks for the heads up, that will definitely keep me away from Merrick

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    David B

    Anecdotal evidence of Purina messing with the Merrick products: I have been watching the Merrick Classic Turducken wet food for signs of change post-Purina. I can confirm that the consistency/nature of the food has indeed changed in the past few (??) months. More mushy and fewer meat chunks. My dog also is not as enthusiastic about the food as he used to be. Looks like I’m back on the hunt for dog food.

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    Ken H

    I have not seen any change in either the Merrick dry or wet foods. My dogs have always loved Merrick since I started feeding it to them last year and they still do.

    I will not be concerned about Purina’s ownership unless Merrick loses its 5 star rating on this site.

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    Maria K

    I would definitely switch from Science Diet. I second the recommendation of Zignature Zssentials. There are some formulas of the Merrick I would feel comfortable with including the classic Turducken canned food. I wouldn’t feed my dog Whole Earth Farms.

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    I fed Merricks originals and then went to their back country mix once it came out. After I heard Purina took over months back, I decided to also keep an eye on the mix and how my dog reacts to it.

    The last two bags I had gotten first being the game bird, second being the red meats, he completely would not eat the food. A few bites and he would walk away. I also noticed he started itching a lot more, thinking it was fleas or something I decided to give him a bath and do a test and he had zero fleas. I figured it had to be the food then. I threw both bags out in the woods and switched him to Fromm food for now. He’s been on Fromm for 4 months now and so far doing strong.

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