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    Does anybody have recommendations on what meat grinder I can purchase to grind chicken bones? I tried the Waring Pro MG105 and I fed into it a few chicken wings and immediately the machine clogged up even with the biggest plate settings. It looks like the grinder didn’t like the skin and everything just turned into a big bloody mush. I’m returning the grinder back to the store and I don’t know what to get next or where to buy a decent meat grinder. I can only find meat grinders online or at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond (which only had 1 model) and Sears, Walmart. Any stores anyone can recommend? I didn’t want to go through the hassle of return shipping if the meat grinder doesn’t perform to what I need. Also, I’m looking for something somewhat affordable. Please share any knowledge of experience you have. Thank you.

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    Is there a specific reason you need to grind? Chicken bones are very sift, and great for dental health. With grinding, you lose all of the great dental benefits.

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    Alot of folks like the Cabela’s 1 to 1.5 horsepower grinder and say that grinding chicken is no problem. I think those are $350 or less. I use a Weston 22 which has no problem with chicken to turkey to pork ribs but it was over $500.

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