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    James L

    My K9 unit is having trouble getting the dog food we want to use. The store we buy it from can’t get more than a few bags at a time it seems and they blame the supplier and company for low inventory. With 6 dogs in our unit we pretty much take all the food they can get in and still have to wait sometimes to get a bag of food. We currently use Royal Canin German Shepard because of the size of the kibble. We hand feed our dogs and use food as a reward for training so the giant size kibble of Royal Canin works very well. When trying to use smaller kibble it falls through your fingers and gets all over and just doesn’t work well. Does anyone know of a brand that has giant size kibble similiar in size to Royal Canin? Royal Canin is star shaped (1/2″ thick) with a diameter of about a quarter. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Mary L

    Horizon Legacy rates as an excellent premium food and has larger kibble. About 1/2″ round and 1/4″ deep. I actually wish it were smaller because it’s a bit too large for my medium dogs, otherwise I would be feeding it. Of course, premium dog food costs more, but worth every penny.

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    Check out NutriSource. Both their Large Breed formulas have really big kibbles.

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    NOW large breed kibble made by Petcurean is big.

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    James L

    A couple of our dogs use nutrisource grain free (hold outs from old way of training) and that is too small.

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    James- Yes their Grain Free lines are too small I agree. However the 2 I mentioned are not grain free and are really big.

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    Sarah H

    After lots of looking for a Grain Free large kibble dog food (simply bc my vet recommended it for dental health in my 70 lb staffie mix) I went with a brand called Farmina. Few different varities but I opted to try the Chicken + Pomegranate first. Not easy to find in stores, but easy enough to order online through the company’s website (couldn’t find any maxi on amazon prime) and the “Maxi” sized kibble is the biggest grain free I’ve found so far. About 3/8″ x 1″ corner to corner. The shape is a slightly irregular rounded square. After talking with their customer service it seems like their “medium/maxi” varieties aren’t as large. My dog previously ate Canidae Pure Sea. Hopefully the slow transition goes well!

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    Amanda D

    James, order it from Chewy. You can get your Royal Canin German Shepherd for $56.09 with 1-2 day free shipping. Or for $3 cheaper set to AutoShip. https://www.chewy.com/royal-canin-german-shepherd-adult/dp/103057

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    Only food I know of with large kibble pieces is Science Diet Advanced Fitness. Ingredients are similar to Royal Canin and I know of a retired K9 S&R handler feeding it to his two (also retired) GSDs. They seem to do well on it.

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    David P

    James, our agency is having a similar problem. It seems the higher calorie RC is very oily and leaves a residue on everything. What did your agency end up doing?

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    Celt S

    The largest kibble I’ve found has been science diet oral care. The pieces are about the size of a bouncy ball (the kind you get out of those little machines), but they are definitely hard and crunchy.

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    joanne l

    Purina pro plan large breed adult has large kibbles that is what I feed.

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