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    Rose D

    We have a new family member, a 1.5 lb Maltese at 6 months. The Breeder had her on Royal Canin Small Breed but I am not crazy about that. I notice she has some tearing, but mainly concerned about feeding her the best for her small size. Does anyone have any suggestions on dry foods? She does have a great appetite, we do not allow her to free feed. We have three grown smaller Yorkies, they eat Fromm’s Gold Dry food and love it.

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    Amicus & Natures Logic make small kibbles. I’m sure others will be along to name more.

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    Wellness has a lot of great products for small breeds with proportionately sized kibbles. My favorite of those products is Wellness Core Small Breed.

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    Fromm’s makes a small breed as well. Also-Earthborn’s small breed is little. Annamaet Small breed might be, I’ll be ordering it soon to try it out

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    I second Betsy’s Wellness recommendation, but want to add that not only do they have a small breed line they have a toy breed line, and I believe the kibble size is even smaller for the most tiny dogs. I love Wellness, and Fromm is great, too.

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    Victor Grain Free foods also have small kibble size and are good for all life stages. And it can be very affordable too.

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    Nutrisource small/med breed puppy kibble and Nature’s Select Hi-Pro/Puppy are tiny. Also, there is Horizon Amicus for toy breeds. These are the smallest kibbles I’ve fed.

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    cindy q

    Now fresh has a small breed kibble & its on the editors choice list.

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    Wellness and Fromm are both on the Editor’s Choice list, as well.

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