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    Kerrin E

    I have been using Kirkland dog food for years and never have an issue with it. I just got a new puppy and was doing research again. I am a bit confused because the Kirkland brand get a 4.5 stars but is not en editors choice and is not even listed as a budget friendly one. Why is that? Isn’t 4.5 stars good?

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    4.5 stars is good. I assume it’s not on the Editors Choice because it’s made by Diamond, who has a history of recalls.

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    I’d have to say I agree with Marie that it’s probably not on the EC list because of Diamond.

    However, we finally got my boyfriends parents to switch from Purina ONE to this which I think is a huge step up.

    If you have a new puppy and paid for EC, take a look at the recommended puppy foods. Also please carefully look at the puppy foods if its a large or giant breed. They have strict dietary requirements.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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