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    Hi everyone,

    I currently feed my Charlie Acana Pork & Squash, sometimes topped with fresh veggies that she can tolerate. She has a really sensitive stomach, especially after a recent deworming session and bout of colitis.

    I used to buy giant bags of kibbles to save money, and keep the them sealed to the best of my ability, and then I would put the entire sealed bag in a large lidded container. I understand kibbles immediately start to oxidize after opening, so I try my best to preserve the freshness for as long as possible. However, I am not convinced after 2+ weeks kibbles can remain “fresh.” So, I recently began buying smaller, 4.4 lb bags, and refrigerate after opening. Does anyone do this?

    Are you concerned with keeping kibbles fresh? If so, how do you keep them fresh? I thought about freezing kibbles in batches. 😛

    Any tips & tricks highly appreciated!


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    Yes, I store kibble in tightly closed containers in the freezer (empty plastic coffee bins) and I serve from the freezer once frozen. If I don’t have room, I store in the fridg and use those containers first. I add a splash of water, that warms up the kibble.
    Seems to help keep the product fresh.

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    PS: Cut the code scan thing and the expiration date/lot # info off of the bag before discarding, in case there is a recall.

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    thank you! love the tip on saving the bar code for tracking recalls!

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    I use those vittles vaults to store dry dog food. Canned food, once opened, goes in the fridge.

    I do notice that once a big 30lb bag is nearing the end (lasts me about 15-20 days) my dog is less interested in it. This is just due to the fact that every time you open the container air gets in and the kibble, eventually, a little stale.

    +1 to cutting the expiration and lot number off it! I tape mine to my bin in case I ever need it.

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    Jenn H

    1 option is to buy the big bags and separate it into Ziploc freezer bags and freeze it until you’re ready to use it.
    Also be sure to wash the bin you store food in often. The fats from the food can leave a little residue that will become rancid. You may not notice it unless it’s really bad. The residue can cause stomach issue. I wash treat jars too everytime they empty.

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    Pamela C

    Putting it in the fridge and freezer introduces moisture. Wouldn’t that cause it to spoil faster?

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