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    I’m currently feeding my dog a mixture of the Wellness Core puppy formula and their Wellness Stews. I’ve had her on the stews for about a month now, and before that she was eating a mix of the same puppy kibble mixed with the Wellness Petite Fillets.

    I have all six flavors of the stews and usually what I do is open one can and feed her that flavor until it finishes, then open another can a different flavor. So usually each can lasts about a day and a half.

    For the past 3-4 days her poop has been a little weird. It’s been pale yellow. I looked up what this could mean and saw that it could be a symptom of food intolerance. Her poop has had a few instances in the past where it would be strange for one potty session and then go back to normal, so I’ve been waiting to see if it goes back to its usual state. On Saturday she pooped twice and it was back to its normal brown, but today it’s been back to pale yellow and a more goopy texture.

    She’s been a little less enthusiastic about the food lately, but she gets bored very easily (which is the main reason I have all these different stew flavors) so I don’t know if it’s because she has a real aversion to it.

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    Hi Natasha, how old is your pup? & have you wormed her? My boy was eating the Wellness White Fish & Sweet potatoes Complete Health kibble, about 2 months ago, he was doing OK poos when I started introducing the Wellness White fish & Sweet potatoes kibble & mixing it with vet diet kibble…. I use a vet diet kibble that he does good on, to fall back on when something goes wrong with his poos……He suffers with IBD food intolerances & skin allergies….. after 1-2 weeks eating the Wellness kibble, he started farting, having bad gas pain & doing sloppy yellow poos, so I wormed him with Milbemax an all wormer cause he was due to be wormed & I changed his kibble back to his vet diet kibble & started cooking & freezing & feeding a cooked meal for breakfast, Chicken breast, potato, broccoli, sweet potatoes & zucchini, but at first I just feed chicken & potatoes to see his poos stayed firm & they did then I added 1 new veggie per week, only if his poo was firm….
    I’d worm your pup if she is due soon to be wormed & change her food, try a different brand a limited ingredient kibble like “California Natural” Lamb & Brown Rice Puppy it has only 5 ingredients, the Wellness brands have tooo many ingredients to pin point which ingredient is doing this if it is an food sensitivity, if after trying another limited ingredient food & the poos are still yellow go & see a vet, she may need some “Metronidazole” antibiotic for the stomach & bowel….
    Here’s California Natural site it has better ingredients then the American Vet Diets have, its good to have a food that you know they do well on so if you have to you have a kibble or wet tin food you can feed quickly if needed… In Australia our vet diets have better ingredients, its probably our strict custom laws….
    Or you could try “Daves Pet Food” if you don’t want to cook Chicken, he has Delicate Chicken & Rice that puppys can eat…. look at the ingredients to the Puppy kibble it has too many ingredient like the Wellness…

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    My dog is seven and a half months old now. The breeder I got her from had her de-wormed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks with Pyrantel, at 7 weeks with Fenbendazole, 9 weeks with Pyrantel, 12 weeks with Fenbendazole, and 14 weeks with Pyrantel. When I first took her to the vet for her checkup, I was told that the breeder had de-wormed her too many times. I’m not sure if she needs any more rounds.

    Today her poop was back to brown, but softer than usual.

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