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    Regulars may remember that Boone, who hasn’t had an ear issue in years, has had recurring ones, in the right ear, since the spring. On August 5th, I took him to the vet, who diagnosed bacterial and yeast. She put him on meds and it cleared up. Yes, I did try to fix it myself with Zymox, that worked when he was getting them as a puppy. He’s seven now. I don’t know whats causing them, food or environmental (humid up this way this summer).

    So, he has another icky ear but this time it’s both ears. Whats new is adding canned into his rotation (new over the last five days is http://weruva.com/dog-cuisine-kurobuta-hero.php. It’s turkey, which he has eaten for seven years with no issues, I see nothing in there that should cause him a problem. It’s also been more humid over the last six days or so.

    I’m discouraged. I honestly don’t know what to do. Part of me says to try him on The Honest Kitchen’s Zeal full time but I’d hate to have him eat that only. He has eaten Embark for years, I thought maybe stopping potato might be good but maybe I should rotate him through just THK. He also eats Darwins that he’s eaten for a year (the ear issues are new as of the spring).

    Eh. Any suggestions, advice, anyone want a cute pbgv? <G>

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    Poor Boone!! I’ve got nothing, except sympathy.

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    Thanks Patty. Steve said to continue feeding him whatever I have been, he thinks its the humidity. I hope he’s right. If this keeps up in fall/winter, I’ll be whining more lol.

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    Aww…I’m sorry to hear that Boone is suffering. I also don’t have any advice but wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and Boone.

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    Try clipping the ear flap to allow more circulation. I have had a few recently too and that seemed to help. Its humid here as well!

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    InkedMarie- so sorry to hear about your Boone. I’m feeling the same way tonight. Calling my Vet tomorrow to have Harry’s ear checked out. He also had a string of ear infections when I first got him- usually it’s his left ear. 3 months ago he had another one, and that’s what started my research and putting him on Natures Logic which is the only food I’ve found w/none of his trigger ingredients. I’ve started adding in raw & he’s been loving it all. I hope I haven’t pushed it too far by giving him raw chicken & turkey bones (triggers), he loves them so much & I want bones for his teeth. Feeling a bit depressed about it all also.

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    Thanks Jan, Melisssa & whoever FreeholdHound is LOL!

    Freehold: I tried Boone on raw chicken and no luck BUT it was over the summer so maybe that is not the best way to judge. I will try him on some chicken over the winter as long as his ears clear. Sorry Harry’s having troubles, too.

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    Micah, who is also chicken intolerant, can handle the rare meal of raw chicken without showing any symptoms, but if I give it once a week he starts showing signs again, like a dry coat, or slightly goopy ears or eyes. So I’ve decided he will just have to be chicken free, because if he is showing such mild signs on the outside but obviously something is still going on, I’m afraid whatever is going on on the inside where I can’t see may be more severe.

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    Hi Marie,

    Sorry Boone is still having problems. : (

    I can hear my vet at my recent visit for Sam’s yeasty ears, telling me to feed him Darwin’s full time. Is that an option? It’s not for me.

    You said Boone is eating potato right now, right? I think I’d eliminate that for sure and either try Zeal full-time to see if it resolves like you mentioned or maybe try something completely different. I tell you, I was shocked and what great luck I had feeding Sam Horizon Legacy. He seems to be doing really well on Earthborn’s Great Plains Feast right now, also. He still does the occasional flap of the ears, which always gets my attention, but when I peek inside, they seem to be clear. He doesn’t show that he’s bored (though he may well be), but getting him clear and stabilized is my priority.

    I believe I exacerbated Sam’s ear this most recent time with the Zymox. I used the Zymox with Bio-Active Enzymes. I used it once at night and the next day when I went to use it again, his ear was very red inside. I didn’t use it again and the vet actually said that Sam’s ear infection was limited to the outer ear canal (she said it looked like the Zymox burned his ear). I did recently pick up a bottle of Halo ~ it seems like a lot of others have mentioned that they use it [for cleaning] with good results.

    I’m also hoping that the Curcu-VET he’s been taking will help resolve some of his yeast issues as well. I know you were interested in it, but I don’t recall if it was for Boone or Ginger. Here’s a link to Thorne’s product page: http://veterinary.thorne.com/articles/introducing-curcuvet.jsp

    Also, what about a visit to a vet who practices TCVM, unless you already are and one of these folks happens to be your vet: http://search.tcvm.com/vetFinding.asp?qtype=state

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    InkedMarie – FreeholdHound is Jeanne. Hi! 🙂

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    Hope you figure it out soon. Sounds extremely fustrating. I might go back to just Zeal and start over if it were me.

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    Hi Jeanne!!

    Marie, I agree with Sandy. Go back to one thing that you know he did well on and see if that takes care of the problem for the summer. Maybe when the weather cools and it’s less humid, he won’t be as sensitive. How frustrating!!

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    Betsy: Boone is on all of these: Darwin’s, Zeal, NV lid turkey, canned (wellness core salmon, a hound & Gatos salmon, Weruva turkey one, Hero maybe?)….the canned is new except or the Wellness but I see nothing in those to cause a problem. Darwin’s full time isn’t really possible but if this keeps up, I may have to.

    Wht about one meal of Darwin’s & the other of Zeal? I wondered if it was Darwin’s but he was on it early in the year with no issues. Skip all kibble & canned? So, no potato in his diet. Well s**t, I’d better check the canned but he’s had the ear issues since April & no caned til a few weeks ago.

    The Cur Cu-vet….isn’t that a joint thing or am I confused? Will look at the link again.

    I used to use Zymox but not the cleaner, the otic. I just got Halo, thanks Sandy!

    Freehold has a name, Lol, hi Jeanne!!

    Thanks all, you ladies are wonderful!

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    Oh Betsy, my holistic vet is on the list! I haven’t taken Boone in, yet, was hoping I could inure this out on my own. She’s not cheap and both girls go in November.

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    I think you should consult with the vet. Only vet can do the treatment of what your dog needed. One more thing I would like to say you that ask your vet what I should feed my dog as vet can tell you the good food name.


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    Hi InkedMarie!

    My Dane has always had slightly yeasty paws and ears. Nothing major. I would just clean his ears once a week or once every 2 weeks and he was fine. His ears are still the same but one of his paws (back right) has exploded with yeast. It’s all brownish red between his toes and underneath between his toes and foot pad. My vet always just prescribes a spray. I’m using zymox now (just started 2 days ago). He’s been off kibble for a few weeks now. He eats THK Embark and Force. I also mix in some Primal Turkey and Beef grinds. He also gets cottage cheese, eggs, kefir or yogurt, and salmon or sardines. The only thing I haven’t done is eliminated potato. THK is the only think I’m giving him that has potato in it and he only gets 1.5 cups of it per day. I don’t think that is enough potato to be exacerbating the problem is it?

    I live in South Florida and we have had one of the rainiest summers in recent history. Our yard was waterlogged (it squished when you walked on it) for about a month. This is the first time he’s had a yeast infection like this on his foot. I’m thinking it’s the humidity/ all the rain we’ve gotten too.

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    Hi DaneMom! My boy has gross ears right now. We’re in nh, no humidity now so I’m lost. He eats THK Zeal for one meal, no potato. His kibble & canned are chicken, white potato & grain free as well.

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    InkedMarie, have you seen any improvement since you eliminated chicken, white potato, and grains?

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    yes! he has has one ear infection in six years, until this past April.

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