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    Jessica S

    Hi everyone!

    The Basic Question: At what age does a puppy become an adult?

    New to the forum, and new to raw feeding. I have really enjoyed browsing this forum – what a wealth of information! I transitioned my Pit Bull/Red Heeler/Rottweiler pup Leo to the raw diet about 3 weeks ago. He is SO into surprise there, as he loves any and all food.

    Leo is 11 months old. I’ve been feeding him based on the adult guidelines (2-3% of weight), but it occurred to me last week that maybe I should be feeding based on puppy guidelines (more like 10% of weight).

    He looks very healthy – trim and fit. It does look as though he may have lost some weight since he made the transition to raw, but he still looks great.

    What’s the consensus? Should I up his feeding amount a few percentages?

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    Hi Jessica-

    Depending on the breed, a puppy will reach an adult at different ages. Small and medium sized dogs when fully grown can transition to adult food at 1 year, toy breeds can often switch earlier at 9 months, large dogs over 50lbs at mature weight is about 18 months and for giant breeds some say to keep them on a puppy formula until 24 months.

    If he was already lean and fit before switching to raw and has now lost more weight, you may be under feeding him. I am all for a lean, conditioned dog, but you can go overboard. Any idea what Leo’s projected adult weight will be with that combo of breeds?

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    Jessica S

    Thanks for the response, and sorry for my late reply. Leo is 11 months old. His weight has been steady around 58-60lb since he was around 8 months old. He’s the true definition of a mutt – we did a DNA test and it came back around 25% pit, and 12% each of cattle dog, husky, rottweiler, and the remainder was too mixed to define. I thought this would be his adult weight since it hasn’t changed for some time. But I’m hearing you say that he should really be fed as a puppy until at least 18 months.

    What percentage of his weight should I be feeding? Closer to 8-10% of his weight, rather than 2-3%? He’s been on the diet for 3-4 weeks now. I’ve added an additional 6-8oz muscle meat or RMB per day and I’m also adding in extra egg and/or coconut oil to up his calories. His weight looks really appropriate to me right now, but I still want to be armed with some actual numbers what I should be shooting for with his meals each day so I don’t feel like I’m just making it up as I go.

    Thanks for your responses!

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