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    Richard K

    I have a shi-tzh and a pomeranian and about 2 months ago my shi-tzh got really sick throwing up and severe diarrhea. I took him to the vet and they did blood work and really didn’t find anything so they said it must just be a virus well 2 days later my other dog started the same thing. Well I thought It must be a virus. I took him to the vet and got him medication and they both seemed to be doing fine so I stopped giving them the medication. Well about 3 or 4 days later my shi-tzh started it again. I still had some medication left so I started him on it again and called the vet and he said to keep giving him the medication. So I did and after about 5 days he was doing fine again and I ran out of the medicine anyway but about 4 days go by and he starts it again! I called the vet and he sent home more medicine so I kept giving it to him and he again got better but again about 4 days later he starts again! I took him back to the vet and they did a test on his pancreas and gave me more medicine and said they would have results the next day. We’ll the test they did came back fine! I asked the vet what is going on I mean I’m up to 600 bucks in vet bills and still no answer! He said maybe it’s his diet! Well I used to feed them the blue buffalo until the lawsuit came out about their food having by products in it so I then changed to earthborn which they have been eating around 1 and a half years now with no problems. I always mix their dry food with wet food and they love it so now I am looking for a 5 star wet and dry food I can try them on that i can purchase somewhere near me. I see merrick is rated 5 star but I also read they were bought out by purina/nestle. I’m not sure I trust it being made by Purina? Can someone suggest a good dog food wet and dry i can try on them? Oh both my dogs are old. One is 9 years old and one is 10. The shi-tzh seems to have a more delicate stomach. Thanks

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    Zignature Zssentials. And get a new vet.

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    Jill B

    Hello! I’m so sorry this happened to your pups! I have 2 Lhasa Apsos- one is 14 and the other is 13. I just switched over from Fresh Pet to Merrick. Thy seem to like the Merrick Backcountry canned and the freeze dried raw nuggets mixed with it. I also cook ground beef or chicken to mix with it. I used to feed them Purina One Beyond dry food and they did fine on that too. For my dogs and their food, it’s all about how they appear. I look at their energy level, their coat and skin condition, their poop frequency and appearance of their poop. I know it’s gross, but I look for solid, well-formed logs. If it’s too soft, too watery, or too dark, it’s not right. If they are pooping more than twice a day, that’s too much. It’s good you are a member of this forum. There are a ton of high quality foods out there. You just have to find the ones that work for your dogs. Mine have been on SO many different foods-Innova, call of the wild, solid gold, natural balance, nutrisca, Newmans own…I could go on and on! Good luck to you and your pups!

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