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    Dereck B

    Hello all! well Tofuu is officially 3 months now and is growing so fast. but I DO NOT like the food that my bf family has been feeding him. (done some research). cause i’ve noticed that he has been scratching alot and biting at his fur. so i am switching his food as soon as i can and as soon i get some opinions as well! (for reassurance. ).

    Well these are the brands that i am looking to buy, Orijen Puppy, Solid Gold, Wellness for Puppies, Blue Buffalo Puppy, Innova Puppy, or Acana. and another question i really want to ask you fellow shiba parents. Do you feed you puppy straight up dry food (high quality kibbles) or do you mix the kibbles with some wet food? and if so what combinations did you feed your shiba pup this early in puppyhood?

    sorry to sounds so antsy!, but i just HATE the food he’s been eating this past week . Tofuu’s health and growth is what’s important. THANKSSSS for all your help and advice in advance.

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    Consider Pro Plan Focus for sensitive skin and stomach or Fromm Classic Adult (1949 recipe) as a base. Add a bit of soft food and a splash of water.
    If he is not a water drinker add a bit more of water to the meal (1/4 cup)

    As a topper: /forums/topic/grain-free-2/#post-109751
    Instead of canned food.

    PS: The symptoms you describe may not be related to his diet. Please consult with your vet. Find a vet that you like and trust, go for routine checkups. That’s the best way.

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    Just my personal opinions of these brands.. I would not bother with Blue Buffalo. So many people seem to have digestive issues on that brand. I also do not like the company as a whole, seems shady. Orijen and Acana are imo very overpriced for what they are. So much beans/lentils/peas which in my experience are not very easy to digest. My dogs get gas and huge loose stools on foods that use beans/lentils as the starch source. I have had much better digestion results with foods that use rice/barely/potato/sweet potato, that is just my personal experience though. With all the odd cases of DCM/low taurine with dogs on Acana, I would hold off on that food anyway until more is found on that.

    I am not too familiar with Innova or Solid Gold. Wellness seems pretty decent. My go to puppy formulas are Farmina Puppy and Annamaet Original Puppy or Ultra. It really is trial and error though, what works for mine may not work for yours. You will only know what works for him by experience.

    As for mixing add ins, my dogs starting since they were pups get raw meat, boiled eggs, and tinned sardines added to their dry food. They are very used to this though as like I said this started very early on. I would not add in a bunch of stuff too quickly with your pup though. You could start with just some egg or chicken added in a few times a week and go from there.

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    joanne l

    I agree with others. Wellness is a good choice.

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    Anon I’m not sure you even read a single sentence of this post. This dog is a puppy. Neither foods you recommended are suitable for growing puppies.

    I would recommend foods like wellness core, natures variety raw boost puppy, Merrick back country puppy, or solid gold puppy. All are good options.

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    Both Fromm and Pro Plan have puppy formulas
    Anyway many of us pet owners don’t bother with puppy formulas and go right to adult.
    Check with your vet if you have any concerns.
    Good luck

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    jackie o

    Maybe this will help:

    We feed our puppy Gosbi

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