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    Jenna L

    HI everyone- I’m new to dog food advisor and was wondering if I could get some suggestions on food as I am literally at my wits end. I have 2 senior dogs. 11 and 10 years old. One senior dog is very inactive and has arthritis so I am looking for a senior food preferably that has extra Gluc. and Chond. in it for him. My other dog is still rather active but has a huge sensitivity to Chicken. He can not eat chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken broth, or even poultry fat. Right now they are eating Nature’s recipe senior lamb and rice that contains poultry fat in it. I thought he would be ok with the poultry fat but he has been so itchy because of it and I know I need to switch them again. I cant find any senior food that does not contain any chicken or poultry. Any suggestions??

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    I like Wysong senior, or Nutrisca salmon and chickpea. I add a glucosamine supplement for dogs by GNC. But, I believe it’s not a good idea to add glucosamine if your dog is prone to bladder stones…so check with your vet first.

    I soak the kibble in water overnight.

    PS: I believe the Nutrisca salmon and chickpea has no chicken. Wysong has a variety of foods, some have no chicken. Check for prices and delivery and compare.

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    Senior dogs need higher protein, not low which is what most senior foods are. Orijen has a very good senior foods. I’d keep away from grains & potato for the arthritic one as they can be inflammatory. Add your own joint supplement. The amount in the food isn’t worth bothering with. Basically, any grain/potato/chicken grainfree food with protein over 28% at the minimum

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