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    Harpers Mom

    Harper, my EBT has been eating Merrick for a few months now. We picked up a bag of earthborn GPF the other day and have slowly been transitioning her to the new food. There has been a decrease in stool, which I am not complaining about. But now she is eating grass. We let her out in the back yard and she goes straight for the grass. She will sometimes even eat it to the point she is sick. I’ve heard of adding a super green mix, but what other recommendations does any one have. If I do add a super green mix what do I put in it and how much ?

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    I sprinkle it over my dogs’ food. And I continue to give it to all my dogs with every meal because it has so many wonderful things in it besides just a way to replace greens in the diet. Give about 1 teaspoon for every 20 lbs of body weight. You can double that if you need to.

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    Change the food, or change the flavour with a few different ingredients & see if it still happening, there’s an ingredient thats either giving her stomach acid or making her feel un-well, something that wasnt in the Merrick, this has just happened with my boy, the poos a great but after eating he wants his grass, so I looked at the ingredients again & realized it has fish oil & rosemary extract in the kibble, so its either the fish oil or the Rosemary, I keep smelling fish on his breath after he’d burp.. I google side effects to fish oil & rosemary in dog & it said both can give acid reflux, direhhea etc, now I have look for a new kibble again, the thing is you’d think they wouldnt eat it after they feel off…

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    Hi Harper’s mom..if he were mine I would change the food. Its not agreeing with him for what ever reason.

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    Yes, Harper’s Mom, I think I would switch foods too if the obsessive grass eating hasn’t stopped. I have one dog who loves to eat grass too, but never til he vomits. I found a green mix that is not too expensive to add called NU-PET Granular Greens made by Ark Naturals. It seems to have helped some, but he still loves his grass! I don’t worry about it too much except on walks where we don’t know if it has been treated with anything or not. Good luck!

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    Harpers Mom

    Thank you for the replies everyone! The grass eating has decreased. Wednesday she ate it obsessively until the point of vomiting, but hasn’t since. Now she will just get a few bites and continue on her way. I’m not going to change the food quite yet, I want to see if the grass eating stops or not. Knowing Harper she could have gotten ahold of something. She tries to eat anything that isn’t firmly attached to the ground, and then she might still try! Lol. But I think I will try a super green mix just because they do offer so many benefits!

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