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    I asked a few days ago any opinions on “advising a food switch” to a friend. I think the best way would be if I could show him a basic article that emphasizes to avoid artificial ingredients/fillers/etc, and have meat first. It’d also be really nice to find the article clearly states how a great diet could make the foul “dog smell” diminish.

    I don’t want to show him more than one article, and I’d really rather no more than a page long. Just something simple to help him realize that maybe Beneful isn’t as good as the commercials advertise the “…wholesome soy, wheat, and egg…” To be, and that his dogs don’t smell/shed horribly, simply because he doesn’t have time to do much grooming.

    What I’m really hoping to be able to say to him via email/message is something like this: “Wow! I’ve been doing a little researching, and found out some really interesting things about dog food. I had no idea it could affect how my dog smelled, until I switched her to a good food. Now she’s odor-free…here’s the link:”

    Thanks guys, sorry I keep bugging y’all with it, but I’m really hoping I can at least bump him up to a 3-star food (As many 3-4 star foods cost the same, if not less, than Beneful…so that could cross “it’s too expensive” off the list!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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