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    Chris S

    I have been using GNC vitamins & supplements for my 7 yr. old Cavalier. I wanted to find out if anyone knew if this was a reliable & consistent brand, or if there were any other brands that would be better, especially as far as vitamins are concerned.

    I have, in the past, used 21st Century & something called VitaPet (I think that’s correct).


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    I have been using GNC dog multivitamins and a glucosamine supplement for my pets, so far so good.
    I use some of their supplements (human) for myself.
    Sometimes I buy drugstore stuff because it is cheaper, such as fish oil….but who knows? They are all considered food supplements and don’t have to be checked by the FDA.
    I like Endurance products too and they have a dog multivitamin I have used and may go back to.

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    Chris S

    That’s great! Thanks so much. I will check out the Endurance products as well. I think I will just give him one of my Omega-3 caps with one of his meals. I also have some Wild Salmon oil that I can put in his food too. But not both at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing the info on the GNC. I was concerned that GNC had gotten so commercial that they may have been slacking on their ingredients.

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    Hi Chris, this site ( is pretty useful. They analyze supplements for accuracy and rank them.

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    Hi Chris,

    I’ve used, for myself and my dogs, Thorne Research and Standard Process supplements. My vets, both of whom are integrative, recommend their products as well.

    Thorne Research:
    Standard Process:

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    tags1079 t

    i’am new here nd i am try it for this my dog…

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