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    joanne l

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share what I read about gluten. I read this about humans that gluten is only bad if someone has celiac disease and if you don’t have it then gluten is good for you. It also states that people that avoid gluten when they don’t have to it can cause deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Because it is a protein and it has health benefits. So I wonder when dog food says gluten free I don’t think that is good. Celiac in dogs is very rare so I don’t think it is good to buy gluten free foods for dogs. This is interesting because I was wondering about why all these stores are selling gluten free products for us. They are making people believe that gluten is bad but that is not true. Only if a person or animal has celiac than avoid gluten. I think all these manufactures, human food and dog food, is over doing it. If anyone has time look it up and see why gluten is good for you, if you don’t have celiac.

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