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    jessica n

    Hi Raw Food Experts –
    I have been feeding my dog Nature’s Instinct Variety Raw (Beef + Lamb) his entire life. He is a French Bulldog, and with all their allergies and health issues, he does extremely well on this diet, so we’re careful that he only gets this food.

    Nature’s Variety has changed this food and I am very concerned. The primary change I can see if that it went from 95% meat to 85%, and the fruits went from 5% to 15%. It is clear that they did this to lower price.

    They’ve also introduced a new frozen raw food line, now their “Signature” frozen raw line that maintains the 95% meat, and is only sold at independent retailers.

    What do you guys think about the change to 85% meat and the new recipe? Will this still be a 5 star frozen raw food? Or, should we consider moving to their new Signature recipe (if we can find it!)?

    Details here:

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    Hi Jessica-

    Since you have a dog with food sensitivities, the issue is not so much the lower of the amount of meat in the food, but whether or not they have added any other proteins to the diet. I also wouldn’t stress over whether or not it will remain a 5 star food. The rating DFA gives the food has no correllation to why your Frenchie has done well on it.

    However, if your concern IS the fact that they have added more fruits/veggies and you are trying to stay with more of a meat based diet, you could consider a Prey Model Raw diet like the ones provided from

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    Hi Jessica-
    The website you linked certainly does not make it clear but the Signature recipe is the recipe you are accustomed to. It is the 95%/5% recipe and has not had any changes made to its formulation. They simply re-branded it when they released their lower protein line which is in the packaging of the previously 95%/5% formulas. Its confusing but the quality of the food has not changed. The 85%/15% was introduced for people “new” to raw because it is more affordable. Many other brands have similar protein/produce compositions (e.g. Primal, Northwest Naturals, Darwins, and more).
    I second everything Pitlove said, the important thing is having the single protein composition. Which looking at the ingredient panel of the Natures Variety non-signature chicken and beef formulas they have maintained.

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    Terry S

    I am also having an issue with the new formula. When I called the company to inquire, I was told that Signature is the “old” formula, but they added beef heart to the beef recipe. My dog now walks up to her food bowl, sniffs and walks away. She will not eat the Signature beef, nor the new beef formula nor chicken. I am going to have to find a new product.

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