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    hello guys,
    we have ast dog and feed him with flatazor. what would you know about the product itself? it is french brand. high premium class, however has in the food corn and gluten. although i am pretty much sceptic about marketing and pr issues with the grain free products.

    have someone fom you used that dry food nd what could you tell me for uality from rading the stamp with supleents though.

    and next dry food i wish to ask is chicopee by harison inc. canada.

    what is your suggest and opinion for those two. cheers

    i am really sorry for childish writing in english but right now i am on the tablet and i hate it

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    Well, as far as I now Flatazor is a very good quality of food for the pets like dogs or cats. You can use it without worry. If you want to try some other brands, you can try Canin or Pedigree.

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    If you think Canin or Pedigree are OK to try, why would someone trust your opinion on Flatazor.

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    I’m also curious if anyone knows a little more about Flatazor, if it’s a good dog food or not. Thanks

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