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    Jeff M

    I currently feed my dog taste of the wild prairie and have been trying to do some research to switch to a better quality, higher protein dry food. I was almost set on going with Merrick until I read that they are now owned by Nestle/Purina. I currently pay about $48 for a 30lb bag of TOTW and could spend around $60-65 for a 25 lb bag if it’s a considerable upgrade in quality. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks

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    Hi Jeff, why not keep Taste Of The Wild in your rotation & look for another 2 premium kibbles. Have a look at “Victor Premium” “Sport Dog Elite Series” “Earthborn Holistic” Primitive Natural & Coastal Catch

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    Jeff M

    Thanks for the suggestion, but what do you mean by keeping it in the rotation? I was under the assumption once you find a good food that your dogs like and is healthy to stick with it?

    The sport dog food looks like really good food at $58 for a 30lb bag. Any reason not to feed them only this? Would it be worth the extra $10 per bag from TOTW?

    Thanks again

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    Jeff…in recent years it seems like people advocate rotating a couple of foods. Sometimes, but not always, a couple foods from the same brand but with different proteins. But you can also rotate completely different brands of food.


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    Jeff M

    Thanks for the link, makes sense to me. I think I will switch after each bag of food since it only lasts about a month anyways.

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    I agree with Susan: keep it in your rotation. Rotation is good for the gut, it’s also important to have a handful of foods your dog does well on. Food could go out of business, be unavailable, have a recall etc.

    Foods I like (no idea on pricing though…look at buying from Chewy dot.com) is Annamaet, Dr Tim’s, Farmina

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    Renee B

    Check out http://www.pawtree.com/arkansaspets for a personalized pet profile. You can change up their foods, add nutritional seasonings (pawpairings) and also consider supplements. All natural products made in Texas and created for specific concerns.

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