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    anne c

    My 3 year old lab mix, seems to get an upset stomach for no reason. I don’t know if he ate something he wasn’t supposed or if it is the food. I switched to pioneer dog food about 3 weeks ago. I also gave him theses natural frozen lamb bones which I ahd heard were great for dogs. He was fine up until yesterday. He has diarrhea, with no mucus, just pudding like. Do you think its the dog food? I tried to give him some white rice last night, but midway through eating he had to run out and go poop. It was all mushy!
    Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Could be the lamb bones? I know when I give my dogs a frozen beef marrow bone, they often have loose stools….or maybe the new food doesn’t agree with him.

    Be careful with those bones, my poodle mix had trouble digesting the ground up bone, she had abdominal pain, shivering. X-ray showed calcified material in her stomach and colon, luckily it passed on it’s own. So, I don’t give them bones very often anymore and I take them away before they start grinding down the bone material and eating it.

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    Christine M

    I doubt very much that the rice is to blame for the diarrhea, because it takes a few hours until the stomach digested it all. It must have been something he had before, maybe some rabbit poop or other stuff that he got into?
    For instance, our dog loves to eat the rabbit poop in our backyard and we just don’t have the time to supervise each and every eliminating break that he spends outside. Plus in the grass you cannot even detect that rabbit poop.

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    Christine M

    Our vet told us to give him white rice with ground chicken (or ground beef), because the rice acts as a binder and firms up the dog stool. Well, supposedly. So far (after ca. 3 weeks of this bland diet) it still didn’t bring that desired result. His first stool in the morning is relatively firm, the next few are so soft that I could not even pick up his dog poop on a sidewalk completely. So I still don’t dare to walk him by myself.
    On the other hand my friend from Germany told me that her collie had soft stools for the first 12 months of her life. So maybe it’s normal and we just have to put up with it?

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    Hi Anne C-
    It is very hard to say what may have caused the diarrhea, but my guess would also be the lamb bones. Especially if he was fine fine up until you gave the bones to him. Is it the first time he had the bones? Did they have marrow in them? Just like L M mentioned, when I give my dogs marrow bones, they will have loose stools after because the marrow is very high in fat.

    After an episode of diarrhea, it is best not to feed the dog for a while to let their tummy rest. Here is a website that may be helpful. It gives several tips on digestive issues:

    I have two 3 1/2 year old lab mix dogs. They have the same issue every now and then and sometimes I never know what they got into. They are very naughty! LOL!

    In fact, I just had it happen and I fed them very overcooked mushy white rice with lots of water and boiled chicken breast with some plain canned pumpkin for a few meals. I am now transitioning back to their normal food and adding some Perfect Form made by the Honest Kitchen and they are doing much better.

    Write back and let us know how your dog is doing. Good luck!

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    Hi Anne, you write that your your Lab mix seems to get a upset stomach for no reason …. it sounds like this has happened before….your boy may have IBS or IBD, he needs to stay on just 1 diet as certain foods may be irritating his bowel, either thru food sensitivities or food allergies, Rice is a old myth now & it doesn’t work for all dogs as the small pieces of boiled rice can irritate the bowel getting caught in pockets of the bowel, boiled mashed potatoes is best….

    Feed him a limited ingredient kibble like “Natural Balance” Kangaroo & Potato or the Rabbit or the Duck look at the ingredients & pick the one with the least ingredients as some of the limited ingredient have peas …there’s also California Natural” Lamb & Rice with just 4 ingredients just keep him on the limited ingredient kibble for a good 2-3 months, let the bowel heal, then only if his poos have been firm maybe give a food or treat that is low in FAT, no bones if that treat never gave him diarrhea stick with thought treat….there could be just 1 ingredient in his kibble that he may have an intolerance too & he may start having sloppy poos from 1-21 days…my boy goes really well on a new kibble then about the 5-6 day his poos start being slop then if I keep feeding it, he has diarrhea…..
    Here’s 2 groups on face Book called “Dogs With Inflammatory Bowel Disorder” Or “Dog Allergy International group” for support & more info in Files for foods….if this does keep happening, if you keep letting this happen, he can have more problems as he gets older.. so the problem needs to be fixed while he’s still young…

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    Participant or
    click on the top left “dog formulas” then “limited ingredient diets”

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    My dog with a sensitive stomach vomits when she has a little bit of baked or boiled potato. She does best on Nutrisca salmon and chickpea, no grain, no potato……so, it depends on the dog. imo

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