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    Sheila K

    I just joined and found the editor’s choice list very long – and couldn’t find any lamb there (or did I miss this somewhere?) I have two dogs, one with lupus so she must have grain-free and she licks her lips all the time (esp. at night). I’m thinking it’s something in the dog food and her stomach (fed her Nutri-source grain free chicken and peas along with two scoops of a whole cooked ground chicken from our local pet deli)l. Does anyone else out there have a dog with discoid lupus and if so, what foods are best. I was told (by the pet deli person) that lamb is the most gentle on the dog’s stomach (don’t know if this is true). I also cook and feed my dogs chicken too, cause I think all-dry isn’t enough (no proof on this here). Thanks for any reponses.

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    Jane E

    Let me initially state that I have never had personal experience with a dog with lupus. I have had other auto immune issues in dogs however (currently a Cushings dog and in the past Addison’s). In my experience I have found turkey to be the best tolerated across the board and lamb being one of the most problematic on the GI system. This is over many years in dogs with a variety of issues. I like Natures Logic ,Horizon and Pure Vita. I love Ziwi Peak but they don’t have a turkey but they are an excellent company with the highest of standards. If you are even flirting with the idea of feeding raw get in touch with Answers Pet Food…they are gold standard and are very well versed in nutrition and what can help a dog,speak to Jacqueline

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    christiana t

    I have a dog with Lupus. He has food allergies and environment allergies. I did the allergy testing at UC Davis, which some pooh pooh, and found chicken and poultry mixes, to be bad for him, along with soy, white potatoes, pork and house dust, etc. What manages Lupus is regular dermatologist check ups and daily doxycycline with nacinamide. He’s 10, doing well, very rarely any flare ups.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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