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    Dave V

    What are the chances of a Dog Treat Advisor, the same Dog Food Advisor? Are there others who would be interested? Or, is there one already and am I the dummy who ran right by it and missed it? 🙂

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    Hi Dave, typically the better brands of dog food also make treats. So if you’re using a 4 or 5 star dog food, take a look at their treats, check labels to make sure there isn’t anything in there that you don’t want. Look for labels that says USA made and sourced. A few budget friendly treats that are available at Walmart are Blue Dog Bakery and Riley’s organic. Merrick also sells a large bag of mixed chews for like $10 or $12.

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    Hi Dave,

    Sure. A Dog Treats Advisor would be a great idea. It’s been under study for a while. Yet there are many challenges unique to treats. For example, and unlike dog food, there are no AAFCO nutritional profiles (standards) for dog treats. So, we’d have to establish our own. We’d also need some important parameters and guidelines for rating treats fairly.

    That is why we launched these treats forums and topics over this last year. We’re using what our readers are asking for along with other articles we’ve collected from around the Internet to help guide us on our plans.

    We’re also having an adapted version of our nutrient dashboard (the yellow box with the gauges found inside every dog food review we write. This tool would allow us to highlight controversial ingredients and analyze the dry matter nutrient in each product.

    We continue to study how we would roll out this new service. In any case, this would most probably be added later this year.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.

    Mike Sagman, Editor
    The Dog Food Advisor

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    …are you sure you don’t work for them?

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    According to her website, Amy G. is an “Independent Field Representative” for Life’s Abundance. Why do LA reps always try to be so sneaky? We see right through it every single time. The way they project themselves diminishes the product’s credibility in my mind.

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    I totally agree! You would think that the people at LA would educate their representatives about how they come across when they don’t identify themselves as reps, but it is later found out that they are. It makes me think the company is as dishonest as their reps.

    And since when do pet stores look for foods that people don’t have to buy from them?!? Total BS.

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    Amy G

    Hello again,
    This is Amy -I was not being sneaky I clearly said I started a pet store and was selling the food and also that you could go to my site to order it – How is that being sneaky? Anyway I really believe in this product and just wanted to share the great product if you want to check out my site and see the video please go to – it is all about the health of our pets – I thought I was just helping out the people who were looking for a better quality food at a better price. Sorry if I offended anyone but again I was not being sneaky I clearly said if you want to order go to my site who else would have a site to order it but a rep?
    Sorry again,
    I will stay off the forum and just let the people on it decide if they want to take the Healthy Pet Challenge and check out the site.

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    I think this would be an excellent idea. There are tons of treats as I can understand it would take some time. But overall I believe at starting at the most commonly top rated ones would be great to leave those know what treats are excellent for there pets. For instance I actually just started a thread asking about a good treat for a dog that has stomach/bowel problems. Hopefully I can get some feedback relating to that sort of problem. So, yes I really do hope this gets added in the future as i’m sure it will help! Thanks!

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    I’m also always asking for advice on which treats are safe for our parts. Sure would be nice to have such a site. I always look at the labels when looking at the treats. Even some made in the USA have fructose which is not good. I never ever buy anything from Asia or Mexico.

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