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    My dog had GI issues when he was a pup. Our vet put him on Royal Canon Venison and potato, he did good on it, but after a while would not eat it. I tried finding other venison foods and as soon as the switch was made completely (which I did over a months time so I wouldn’t upset his tummy) he would get GI issues again. I had thought maybe he needed the potato??? weird?? I started him on Pure Vida Bison and sweet potato, he did really good on that. And of course a few months ago decided to stop eating again. I then switched him to Lotus duck and sweet potato, again he is doing great on that, But don’t you know it he has become less interested in eating again…..Any suggestions???
    Do you think he just gets bored with it, and if so can you suggest another brand.
    I was wondering if it wasn’t even the protein that bothered him, maybe he just need potato???

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    Dogs like to eat variety just like people do, and eating variety is healthier for them too.

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    Try another kibble without Potatoe & see if he gets bored maybe he’s sick of the Potatos, try a ground rice kibble like ‘Holistic Select’, Holistic Select has a good range of kibbles that you can rotate keeping him happy at Breakfast & dinner..they do have a grain free but it has Potatos….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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