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    Anita W

    I have a new pup who is about a year old. She lived ‘in the country’ and did not get the ordinary veterinary treatments that would be expected. She did however get an almost clean bill of health from my vet, with one exception. Her white blood cell count is a little high. Though she shows no evidence of heart worms, her low blood count could be associated with intestinal parasites. To be on the safe side, the vet thinks I should give her a wormer and check again in 2 weeks.
    Can anyone suggest a particular type or brand of wormer?

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    Hearthard Plus is the best, given once a month, slice into pieces. Nexgard for flea & ticks, once a month, give whole. Separate like one on the 1st, the other on the 15th. Hopefully, your vet has performed ALL blood & fecal tests specifically for parasites. And up to date with vaccines.

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    I meant Heartgard Plus, misspelled.

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    The above mentioned worms have to be prescribed by a vet. Did your vet make any suggestions? I use panacur for my dogs. It can be purchased online, specialty pet stores and some pharmacies such as Costco. It kills most parasites and worms except for heart worm and some types of tape worms.

    Have you done a fecal test?

    How awesome for you to take this dog. What kind of dog is she?

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