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    Hello all!

    I’m a new raw feeder and although I’ve done loads of research on here, in books and around the wide web, I’m still at a loss for how to keep my girl at a proper weight. When we adopted her she was 62 pounds and has swiftly gone down to 57 despite calorie counting and a medium-level fat diet. She is very active (1-2 hours of vigorous cardio per day) and we have a hard time keeping weight on her despite plenty of healthy fats and a partial kibble diet (she’s a 5 year old rescue new to us as of 3 months ago, so we are transitioning slowly).

    If anyone has similar experience with large breed athletic dogs and keeping weight on them healthily, please feel free to respond as I am looking for some advice.

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    Have you tried Satin Balls? Google for the recipe

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    Thank you! I just looked it up via Instructables. I’m wondering though if there would be a good substitute for the oats? She does not eat grains. I suppose peas might work for their plant-based carbohydrate content.

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    i can’t help you there

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    Andrew B

    Try salmon meal for your dog, salmon meal will keep your dog healthy and fit. I feed my dog with salmon feed and he is really fit and fine, We both go running every day and after that I feed him, You should do the same.

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    Hi Andrew B,

    Thank you for the advice. We have now successfully moved to 100% raw (prey model 80/10/10 with added veggies, whole food supplements and oils), and I have seen a great improvement in her weight. She is slowly putting more on and is back up to a healthy 60 pounds. A recent vet visit confirmed her weight is in a very healthy range so I am hoping we continue to have more success! You are right about the salmon, however. Healthy fats have helped us in our weight gaining journey. She’s a huge sardine fan 😛 Thanks for all the help!

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    glad things are better, CM!

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    Andrew B

    You’re most welcome coonhound mama, really glad to hear that she is well now. Also, I want to know that is she taking another supplement like salmon oil capsules?

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    Hi Andrew-

    She’s taking a multivitamin capsule, a spirulina capsule (with added Vitamin E) and a whole food vitamin/mineral supplement by Dr. Harvey’s once per day along with flax seed, chia seed, and alternating vegetables/herbs. She gets a scoop of yogurt or full fat cottage cheese once per day and oysters once a week. I try to stick to balancing with whole foods but the multivitamin capsule is in there just to cover any bases I may be missing. We don’t do any other added fish oils as she eats sardines several times per week. Thanks again for the advice and followup!


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