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    Hi I am a newbie here who has learned a real lot about dog nutrition by reading this site. Much more than I thought I would. I’m very happy about it.
    I have 5 small dogs and I’ve decided that the youngest one,who is a 2 yo LH Chihuahua is allergic to chicken. She’s been itching and licking and biting at her paws. Chicken is the only thing she has had consistently in her diet, probably 5 days a week. I always put a little meat on top of their canned and it’s usually chicken. She gets a variety now. I used to feed them exclusively Merrick ( a lot of the chicken ones) but for the past 3 months I’ve used different brands and protein. As it turns out these are all 4 or 5 star foods on here.
    Thing is, I need to find a good rotatation of foods without any chicken ingredients for the 5 of them. Of course they’re picky…
    I’ve been trying different foods and so far I have Trippet original and Wellness turkey stews.
    Reading here about the manufacturing is scary. I started looking for companies who manufacture their own and I found Nutrisource. They have 4.5 stars on here. ( would put in a link but I don’t know how). They also are not on the recall list on here.
    Anyway, I’m interested in their Nutrisource Lamb and also their Pure Vita and Natural Planet Organics foods. Neither one of those canned foods are rated here so I really need opinions. They all look to me like they have very high fat contents.
    For Pure Vita turkey stew the guaranteed analysis is pro 8.5% fat 5.5% fiber 1.5% moisture 82% they also list ash which is max 1.9%. For Nat. Planet turkey it is pro 10% fat 8% fiber 1.5% and moisture 78%. There is the Nutrisource lamb and rice it is pro 9% fat 8% fiber 1.5% and moisture 78%.
    Sorry this is so long but I don’t want to make mistakes. Your opinions on this would really be appreciated.
    Other foods I’m looking at are Ziwi Peak, Addiction and Natures Logic. Thanks

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    Not very many companies have a cannery, so it is a little harder to find a company that makes their own canned food. I use Wellness quite a lot because I love their varieties of flavors and even types. I use to use Merrick, but I’ve been put off the company due to some inconsistencies in their cans and kibble. I don’t worry that a company makes its own cans, just that the cannery they use is good or they’ve not had any recalls. I’ve used many different brands of canned food over the years because I like to top their kibble. I won’t use Evanger’s or Merrick anymore, though…or anything that is canned by them. Just not happy with these companies. Some cans I like are Weruva, Fromm 4Star, Wellness, Pet Kind, Mulligan Stew, Instinct (I only use the Healthy Weight), Simply Nourish. If you are looking for chicken/poultry free cans all of the ones I mentioned have non-poultry flavors. I should know because I have a Cavalier with poultry intolerances. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Mom2Cavs it definitely helps!

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