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    Hi, my dog is allergic to the following products: rice, soy, peas, wheat and potatoes. I can’t find any dog food that wouldn’t have at least one of these products in it. I found ZiwiPeak air dried cuisine but its protein and vitamin A levels are too high according to my vet and she doesn’t recommend it + it’s the most expensive dog food I have seen. Before I knew my dog had allergies, she was on Orijen a long time ago and went through months of constant diarrhea and digestive problems because of the super high protein levels so I’m trying to avoid that too. Price isn’t really an issue but my location is, I live in Poland so not all the foods listed on this website are available here.

    Help please (:

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    oi, that’s a tough one. First I would check the dog food ingredients thread started by inked marie that is the potato free one (also grain free) but from there you’re going to need to find one that is PEA free, which isn’t super easy.

    What about the honest kitchen? Zeal, the fish based on is good for you it looks like, however, I no longer see it on their website so hopefully someone else may know if its discontinued

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