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    Susan W

    I have a 8 yr black LAB and 3 yr old Beagle on the CaniSource Grain Free Fish

    Generally, when I mention this product, it is unknown to 90% of people I talk to; yet the marketing sounds like product is too good to be true; they claim product is 100% human grade; inspected with the same process as human plants – but then that being said, how good is the human grade meat and inspection ?

    1) why it does not have “complete and balanced” on the box ?
    2) why is the rating 4, not 5 on this website ?
    3) can I believe the marketing – no more allergies, 100% human grade etc ?
    4) should I be concerned with a straight “fish diet”
    5) generally, why is this product not popular – it appears over expensive, but you feed less
    6) why are the vets so against it ?? –

    I do have a lot of questions, but why do I keep feeding it – the results I see in my Lab is why I have continued –

    My black Lab has elbow dysplasia and was taking glucosamine;
    Since the switch to CaniSource, I have discontinued the glucosamine, and if anything his leg is better; he has a higher energy level on this food (almost like a puppy), and what really stands out is his coat is nice and shinny, where before it was dull and coarse.

    After reviewing this website, I am thinking of trying a switch to ACANA,

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    I can only tell you that two dog foods are allowed to call themselves human grade: the Honest Kitchen and Weruva. Not much help, sorry.

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    Susan W.
    Quick thought on my part. If you are already feeding a dehydrated food, why are you thinking of switching to Acana? Why not The Honest Kitchen grain free line which is human grade and approved by the FDA to put that on their labels? It’s also rated 5 stars here with the exception of the chicken formula.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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