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    Hello, Please excuse my rambling, I am not a writer, just a farmer.

    I give my dogs Pro Pac dog food, and my pups Pro Pac Performance Puppy food. At least I have been, but I recently stopped using the puppy food as I am worried it is harming my puppies.

    I have contacted the company and they informed me that their product is fresh and good of course, and when I questioned them about the shelf life they said each product has an expiration date, and the date of manufacture is a year before that. Keep in mind this info is straight from the company headquarters. ALSO, keep in mind this product has no actual preservatives in it(their proud claim), so one year seems to be the max shelf life assuming all making, shipping and storing are good.
    OKAY, then this leads me to another question; HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE FOR MY BAG, WHICH SAYS IT EXPIRES JAN 13, 2017 TO HAVE BEEN MADE ON JAN 13, 2016???????
    Now, at the very bottom, inside the crease of the bag there is a date of 9/14
    Makes me wonder if they are actually going for a 3 year shelf life.

    My daughter’s has lost some of her puppies(she is a hobby breeder 5 Collies) too, and her bag of same brand of dog food shows it expires in 2016, but at the very bottom, inside the crease of the bag there is a date of 3/12?

    Her bag of puppy food smelled funny to her, and when I questioned her about it we determined that the smell was most likely rancidity.

    Last, her neighbor who my daughter talked into using this dog food is having the same problems, in fact, one of her dogs is seriously ill at the vets right now. She is a small hobby breeder and she called the company sales rep in Springfield Mo about it. He sent her some new bags and told her he went to the place she buys them from and pulled all their product off the shelves for now, and sent it in to HQ to have them test it. Of course claimed no liability, but that’s a given.

    The company sales rep now wants to pick up my daughters bags of food and replace them. I told her do not give him those bags.

    Of course we have all stopped using this puppy product for now.

    I’m not claiming they are selling bad food or doing anything bad, just trying to keep my dogs and others healthy and well, and trying to do some problem solving. Heck, maybe it is us three families not doing something right! 🙂

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    I would not continue to feed the food. I’d take pictures of the discrepancies in dates and email them to Pro Pac & see what they say.

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    Hi and thank you for responding.
    I just talked to their nutritionist at HQ yesterday and he told me the mfg date is a year before expiration date. TODAY the sales rep said the mfg date is 18 months before the expiration date. Seems like quite a long time for a product with no preservatives in it.
    They said the date on the bottom of the bag is merely the date the bag itself was made.

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    That sounds fishy to me; I wouldn’t use that food anymore.

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    I agree with Marie. My philosophy is that if you can’t get a straight answer or a concensus from multiple people from the company, it’s not worth risking your pets health. I have never seen anything like that on a bag of food before (the date in the crease of the bag).
    Best of luck to you and your dogs, I hope the puppies recover soon and all make it. I use Fromm, it’s a family owned company that has never been recalled. Something worth looking into in my opinion.

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    I buy a lot of various foods, including Earthborn. I have The Honest Kitchen, Nature’s Variety Instinct and several others in my house right now. THK has a manufacturer date and best buy date of 1 year apart. I don’t have any Earthborn in my house but it’s made by the same company as ProPac. It has a manufacturer date & expiration date right next to each other. That’s what you would go by. I often buy bags of various dry food that has 1 year to 18 months expiration from when I’ve bought it, depending on the brand. It’s printed on the bag, but usually in the same place all the time. I think the Earthborn is always on the top. ProPac might be the same.

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