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    Caroline D

    Hi all,
    I would love your insight on whether my dog should have his blood screened yearly. He is a 5 year old bulldog who takes Metacam occasionally for a low grade luxating patella. I would say he averages 1 dose of Metacam per week (some weeks we don’t need to medicate him, other weeks we may have to medicate him twice during the week). Do you think he would benefit from a yearly blood screen to make sure his kidneys and other organs are functioning normally while on Metacam?

    I will discuss this with our vet when I take him in to get his rabies booster, but I do recognize that vets are businesses. Just thought I’d hear some other perspectives first.


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    Hi Caroline,

    Each year when my dog’s blood is taken for heartworm testing I also have a blood profile run. If my dog was on any ongoing medication that could affect organs I’d probably have it done more often than yearly.

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    Hi Caroline,
    I like to do yrly blood work just to have a gauge on the health esp. if they are on meds, my does metacam also as needed, and has other health issues, it is a way to be proactive if things look amiss. In an otherwise healthy pup maybe once every 2 yrs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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