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    Lori H

    I am beyond confused on what to do regarding my dog! I am looking for some kind of direction without completely going down the Internet rabbit hole and doing something I might regret! There is so much information out there and I am so overwhelmed!

    My dog Buddy just turned nine. He is a Chihuahua/Dachshund/Pomeranian mix and slightly overweight. (19 lbs) should be around (16 lbs).

    Here is a year in the life:

    – March 2016 – discovered to have bladder stones; tried to eliminate them with a change in food (Royal Canin Prescription). There was a lot of confusion, second opinions and it was then discovered that they were calcium oxilate with two logged in his urethra. He had surgery to remove the stones and they have not yet returned. We did change his food to Hills Science Diet U/D.

    – March 2017 – having what I could only call “panic attacks”. Went to the vet to discover after blood work that he has diabetes. We put him on insulin and slowly have been increasing it from 3 units to 5 units. He was going back every few weeks to have his levels checked. It was not getting better so a test for Cushing’s was ordered and came back negative (thank goodness). We continued with the dosing and he has been on 5 units consistently for the last month.

    Thursday 5.4.17 – took him back to the vet for a check up and because he was again experiencing a “panic attack”. I was worried he was having an insulin reaction. They ran blood work and found that he was not having any type of reaction to either too much or too little insulin, but is now insulin resistant (Type II).

    Next steps – they are concerned about his liver and want to do a liver biopsy to see if there is something severe going on. I have spent almost $7K on him in a year alone and don’t want to do something that might not be necessary, eliminate the stress on him and also the additional cost. I will do anything for him, but I am now thinking that a more holistic approach might be the answer.

    With this, I am trying to determine what will be best for him because of the issue with bladder stones, diabetes and possible liver issues. I feel like he is broken. 🙁 I am willing to do research, but a point in the right direction is what I need to at least start somewhere.

    I have gotten him Milk Thistle, I am planning to get Bragg Apple Cider vinegar, I am also thinking that SAM-e, Vitamin K and a probiotic are necessary. I just don’t know what to do to feed him. I would like to try a possible raw food that is commercially made first and then go from there…

    Any help you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated. He has been through so much and I just want him to feel better, get healthy and be around for a few more years.

    Thank you again!

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    I don’t think the homeopathic stuff will help, in fact it may make him worse.
    I would go back to the vet that knows him best and go by his advice.

    Sorry, but that’s all I’ve got. I would focus on care and comfort, rather than aggressive measures.
    Make sure to add water/presoak his kibble and offer frequent bathroom breaks, opportunities to urinate, regarding the bladder stones.

    PS: Those supplements you mentioned are not a good idea, most supplements are scams.
    I prefer science based veterinary medicine.
    I have found this site helpful

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    Sorry you’re having difficulties Lori 🙁 Have you been able to do a search for any holistic minded vets in your area? You didn’t specify if his current diet is dry or wet, most dogs with diabetes (and many with stones) do well with a higher moisture diet than a dry food can offer. I’m not a fan of prescription diets , so I can’t help on that much, but if you’re thinking of trying something else a holistic vet who knows about raw and/or cooked feeding for a dog with health problems would be the person to consult, as when dealing with diabetes and possible liver problems, finding a good diet can be tricky (but not impossible).
    I’ve been down your path. It’s frustrating as heck to spend thousands and see little to no improvement, but don’t give up. Contrary to what others seem to think, holistic vets and homeopathic vets are two very different types of practice and have absolutely nothing to do with one another; a holistic vet would be a good option.
    Lew Olson at B naturals has a great book on feeding real food to dogs, and has chapters with information on what foods are good for what problems (based on the dogs current lab numbers, something you’ll want to keep up with). Hope this is helpful.

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    Most veterinarians consider themselves to be “holistic”
    (Medicine) of or relating to the medical consideration of the complete person, physically and psychologically, in the treatment of a disease

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    Not all veterinarians follow through.

    The OP mentioned seeing a holistic vet and you went off about “homeopathic stuff” that probably will do harm. Homeopathic vets, in many cases, ignore other possible solutions in favor of using homeopathic remedies only. Combining the two types of practice as if they are one is false.

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    I assume her traditional vet is “holistic” that’s all I’m saying.
    If she goes to a new vet they will probably want to do testing all over again.
    A liver biopsy is a simple procedure (btw)

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    Hopefully if Lori gets a second opinion, the first vet will be able to send the 2nd vet all the records. It happened to us when we had a dog being treated that was getting worse and worse and we sought a second opinion, as we refused re-doing x-rays, blood tests, and exploratory surgery.

    Lori, did they say why they wanted a biopsy on his liver? Were his enzymes way elevated or way down? I obviously can’t help with this, I’m just flat out curious.

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    Hi Lori-

    What you consider “slightly” overweight, is not slightly at all for a dog that size. You will have much more success at controlling his diabetes if he were to lose that weight.

    Are the bladder stones a concern at this point? You said there has not been another occurance.

    I would consider getting the opinion of an internal medicine specialist to determine what things need to be focused on. You might also want to consult with a veterinary nutritionist regarding diet. Your less likely to be confused if you discuss your options with a specialist rather than looking on the internet or talking to a general practice vet.

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    Jeannie C

    Hi. So I have the same problem. Buddy my chi mix has diabetes and bladder stones and they have come back so he’s in surgery a second time. I’m told to put him on hills metabolic and urinary food? I still have a lot of unanswered questions. How’s your dog doing?

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